Since the incident, a Walmart representative told News 8 that the chain has no policy against printing pictures containing firearms.

Recently engaged Texas residents, Stephanie Wehner and her fiancé Mitch Strobl, were excited about their upcoming nuptials and decided to document this special season of life with a professional photo shoot. They wanted the pictures to be a reflection of their personalities and interest they share both individually and as a couple.

The two had several different pictures taken and were excited to get them printed to use at their reception the following weekend. They dropped the printable pictures off at their local Walmart store in Dallas, Texas, but when Stephanie returned to the store to pick up the reprints she was surprised to see the envelope had this message written on it: “Minus one 5X7 (photo) No Weapons.” The engaged couple was out one special photo that was particularly important to them. But what she was definitely not prepared for was what the store associate was about to accuse the couple of doing.

Stephanie had come up with the idea to pose with Mitch’s first 12-gauge shotgun that he had bought himself. It was his beloved go-to gun for outdoor sport, but the retail giant refused to print it. Stephanie was shocked, only for the frustration to escalate when the store employee told her the photo was against policy and promoted “gang culture,” according to WFAA. That’s a bit of an odd position when you consider the fact that Walmart sells guns and ammo.

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