Sounds like an auto dealership ad on TV: “Joe Jones Ford sells for less!” Except that this story reads like an ad to shop nations (not dealerships) for the best tax rate:

“Want to lower your taxes? Russia taxes for less! Come on down to Moscow and talk to Honest Vladimir Putin! He will put a 13% flat tax rate passport in your hand! Yes, that’s right! Your very own low low income tax citizenship! Don’t wait for the top Obama tax rate to take your cash! Call Honest Vladimir at 1-800-BSOVIET! Protect YOUR cash!”

In the news recently, French Actor Gerard Depardieu, faced with a confiscatory tax rate of 75% from the new socialist French government, has met with Russian President Vladimir Putin to accept a Russian passport and a flat income tax rate of 13%.

Yes, you read right. 13%! In Russia, the homeland of “the government owns everything, including you,” the tax rate is a flat 13%. The new US top tax rate is 39.6%

I was waiting for Rod Serling to step out from behind a door and intone, “You’ve just stepped into a bizarre world of opposites, where America no longer stands for free enterprise and you no longer have the right to keep the fruit of your own toil, where Russia takes less of your income than the USA. You’ve entered . . . The Twilight Obama Zone.”

The Russians lived under communism since 1917, broke away from it in 1991, and have been struggling to find a new way to live ever since. The Russians have already lived under Obama’s dream system of socialism, where everybody is forced to sacrifice the fruits of their toil for the ideal of “fairness.” The state was supposed to take care of everyone’s needs. The Soviet state could not even keep citizens supplied with toilet paper.

Thirteen percent flat tax rate! What have the Russians learned that we haven’t?

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