It looks like DC has, for the moment, found a way to pretty much ignore the court orders.

Following a series of court orders, the casual observer might think that the Second Amendment was alive and well in the nation’s capital, particularly after a court ordered the city to begin issuing concealed carry applications. But as we suspected at the time, just because you are handing out applications, that doesn’t mean you’re actually going to give anyone a permit. This week we have a live, in person testimonial from Washington Free Beacon reporter Stephen Gutowski about his efforts thus far to obtain the seemingly mythical document.

I took a visit to the Firearms Registration Unit of the Metropolitan Police Department Thursday afternoon and I handed over my application, driver’s license, Virginia concealed carry license, and $110. Now I’m well on my way to wasting $110.

The D.C. concealed carry law is what’s referred to as “May Issue.” That means a bureaucrat has final say over who gets to bear arms and who doesn’t. In this case, that’s the city’s Chief of Police. According to the application guidelines she will only consider people with active and documented threats against them for approval. A simple desire to defend oneself in the most dangerous jurisdiction within a hundred miles will not even be considered as a justification.

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