Today our country is led by President Obama. Many people question his leadership skills. The best leaders are honest leaders. Most people are able to discern a lie when they hear one. I personally bear witness that I have heard our current President, Barack Hussein Obama, tell not one lie but many lies.
Prior to voting I learn all that I can about a politician. They say that there is no such thing as an honest politician. However there is a possibility that there are honest politicians somewhere. So when trying to decide how to vote I listen to them, and I watch them, and I read about them, and I try not to be influenced by any political party. I search for principles that match my principles. I open my mind and I don’t allow race or religion to influence my judgment.
In 2008 while trying to decide who to vote for I allowed myself to consider voting for Barack Obama and as such I approached the pending election as I always have, with an open mind. At first I thought it would be cool to have a person of a minority race be elected. It would show the world that as Americans we are not racists. However, it didn’t take long for me to learn that Barack Obama was pro-abortion, anti-gun, crazy about global warming, and that he held several other questionable views contrary to my views. Then I heard him lie. I was appalled with how boldly he lied. He didn’t even try to cover up his lie. It was right out there for all to see. His dishonesty gave me what I was searching for and the main reason I did not vote for him. To me he was a real disappointment and a very poor candidate for the office of President of this our great country.
Today I have lost count of how many times I personally have heard our President Obama tell a lie. Am I calling him a liar? You bet I am. He is no Honest Abe.
Why did Abraham Lincoln get the nickname of Honest Abe? Why is President Obama being called a liar? If I was President Obama, I would be worried about my going down in history as the most dishonest president of all time. President Lincoln was honest and that is why we know him as honest Abe. When he worked as a young man in a store he became well known for his honesty. When he was a lawyer he also became known for his honesty. When one of his witnesses for a case he was working on lied on the stand, Abraham Lincoln as an honest attorney made it known that his witness had lied even though it could damage his case. As a president of our country during a very difficult time, the President Abraham Lincoln was known to be honest.
Our President today is hiding the truth and being dishonest in so many ways. An honest president would not hide the truth. An honest president would admit to the gun running to Mexico and come clean with any of his involvement of selling guns to the drug cartels. An honest president would have an investigation done on the reports of voter fraud. An honest president would have all the votes counted for the military. An honest president would not give weapons to our enemies like the Muslim Brotherhood. An honest president would have the IRS leadership held accountable for the targeting of conservatives. An honest president would take the blame for such discrimination and would also take the credit for the spying on the press. An honest president would not hide why the NSA is monitoring everyone’s phone calls and emails. An honest president would come clean about Benghazi and would never have blamed it on a video. An honest president would not have allowed the SEAL Team 6 and their safety to be jeopardized for suspected political gain. An honest president would not allow the killing of American citizen’s with drones and would not permit the killing of a teenage citizen by a drone just because of who he was related to. An honest president wouldn’t permit the soon to be implemented health care to be such a burden to the American citizen. An honest president would not have permitted the release of 10,000 law breaking criminals who just so happen to be here in our country illegally. An honest president would not use Executive Orders to get his way with things like gun control and such. An honest president would not make appointments unlawfully. An honest president would make sure that his secret service did not have loose morals while working for him. An honest president would not spend millions on vacations while the people of his country were suffering financially. An honest president would support the investigations of allegations and would insist that his staff give honest complete answers. An honest president would only make promises he could keep and not promise things he has no control over. An honest president would be true to the oath he took regarding the constitution of the United States.
The list is long and incomplete. There are only three main things in common between President Obama and President Lincoln. They are both male, they are both lawyers, they are both presidents. One was good the other is bad. One was honest the other dishonest.
Here is an ad that we American’s should be posting:
“Needed: honest men or women to run for president in 2016!”