Is it not a rather strange coincidence that the man who blew ACORN out of the water and threatened to expose the mainstream media for its lies would suddenly drop dead of no known cause? Andrew Breitbart had done what no other conservative had ever done: physically destroy an important bastion of radical-Alinsky activism. The radicals were pretty upset by Breitbart’s uncanny and stunning achievement, and they wondered what next he might do to mortally wound Obama’s chances of being reelected. Was Breitbart’s sudden death just a coincidence?

The last person who appears to have seen and talked with Breitbart on Thursday night, March 1, 2012, was Arthur Sando of the Hollywood Reporter. A comment by Joel Pollak, Breitbart’s Editor-in-Chief, provides some insight:

According to Sando, Breitbart walked into The Brentwood — a restaurant and bar in L.A. — and sat down next to him. Sando recognized Breitbart due to his fame and they engaged in a discussion for about two hours. Sando said that Breitbart was “friendly and engaging” and that he had stopped at the bar for a drink but hadn’t come there to meet anyone in particular. Breitbart didn’t drink excessively, according to Sando’s account, was on his blackberry a lot, and didn’t exhibit any signs of health or other problems. Before Breitbart left they exchanged contact information and planned on getting together.

Shortly after that friendly encounter in the restaurant, while walking near his home, Breitbart suddenly dropped dead. It was as if some sniper had shot him. But there was no sound of a gun, no bloody wound, nobody driving speedily off in a car. In other words, the killer was undetectable.

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