Living in Los Angeles has its ups and downs.  The ‘up’ part is the near-perfect weather and the fact that within a few hours, you can swim in the ocean, ski in the mountains or ride dirt bikes in the desert.

The down-side is, of course, the liberals.

I can’t tell you how many times my husband Mark and I have had to deal with misguided liberals who—after losing every other battle—resort to the tired old argument that ‘even Jesus was a socialist’.

This weekend one of Mark’s high school friends posted a picture of Jesus on Facebook with the caption, “But if you feed everyone, Jesus, that would be <gasp> Socialism!”

Following is Mark’s response—and if any of you out there have had to deal with these “socialist Jesus” type of comments please feel free to use this for yourself.

“Not even close.  Jesus feeding the masses would be charity.  The situation would be socialism only if Jesus were a government bureaucrat who decided who could fish and where, then take the fisherman’s catch and distribute it as the bureaucrat sees fit.  And once the socialistic bureaucrat is in control he can change his rules as he sees fit, because in socialism the government always knows better than the individual.

Socialism is a form of government ownership and administration that advocates no private property.  Production is owned and controlled by the state.  In Marxist theory socialism is the transitional bridge between capitalism and communism.  Advocates of socialism and communism are taking advantage of current economic problems by telling you their way is better, when history proves them wrong.

My friend, if you are a socialist or want to promote socialism just say so, instead of posting propaganda that attempts to confuse people with religious images.  When was the last time you saw a government program (especially one from the ‘compassionate democrats’) that teaches people the fundamentals of how to make money or how to manage it so that it grows for them?  You don’t see that, because once people buy into that way of thinking most of them would no longer need the democrat party, which largely promotes dependence on the government, and what you should get from the government instead of self-reliance.

Another thing—historically, socialistic and communistic governments have discouraged or crushed religion and tried to replace religion with government.  I grew up in Mississippi but have lived in California for 20 years.  Out here we are already experiencing the results of a socialist-leaning, big government philosophy and it is devastating.  This state’s massive economy is on the verge of collapse because 40+ years ago its citizens began to let this way of thinking creep into their reality.

In conclusion, I subscribe to the Biblical phrase from 2 Thessalonians 3:10:  “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”

*Editors Note: Another verse previously included has been removed due to the fact it was incorrectly attributed.