With the “Celebrity-in-Chief” back on the campaign trail—when will Obama stop campaigning and start governing?—he has once again missed the opportunity to be a leader on the most pressing national issue: the economy. Instead the president chooses to be a cheerleader for the progressive agenda aimed at banning guns, promoting gay rights and abortion on demand while raising taxes. It’s amazing what makes sense to the out of touch elected officials that supposedly work for us. These American aristocrats who believe themselves to be of the ruling class instead of citizen statesmen, elected by the people to serve the people, should all be fired for failing to properly perform their duties.

If we as private citizens ran our households or businesses according to the same standards the D.C. elites run our nation we would be fired, jailed, or both. There has been no budget passed in more than four years. Budgets have been replaced for all practical purposes by continuing resolutions. But the continuing-resolution approach to budgeting amounts to nothing more than an open checkbook with no accountability. The “Fiscal Cliff” solution amounted to a spending increase of $40.00 for every $1.00 cut from the budget. A fifth grader could do the math and see the problem with this approach—unless, of course, he went to public school. Further, while Americans suffer financially, Hurricane Sandy victims are still homeless, and businesses struggle with uncertainty, Barack Obama and a cast of 200 hangers on enjoy a $20million vacation in sunny Hawaii. This is elitism at its worst. The elites of Washington, D.C.—insulated from the harsh realities of life in Obama’s America act as if they have no idea that there is a recession. This is elitism at its worst.

Washington, D.C. elites have no idea what the rest of the country is going through as they continue the Obama approach of borrow and spend, borrow and spend. In the fantasyland that is contemporary Washington, D.C. the solution to people losing jobs is to extend unemployment, raise taxes, and create more entitlements. If we have too much debt, just print more money. (it’s monetizing for the government, counterfeiting for us). The complete lack of logic makes one wonder if the president is completely out of touch with those he claims to want to help. The elites are not bound by the laws of the people and bad conduct as well as ethics violations by Democrats are met with a standing ovation, media cover ups, or belligerence. We have a group of elites that ignores the constitution, think they are above the law, and know that the voters cannot or will not hold them to any standards of accountability. All while the RNC vilifies Tea Party legislators attempting to curb the out of control spending.
It would be easy to write off the actions and policies of liberal elites as incompetence. However, I’m convinced that what looks like incompetence is intentional political theatre and Washington, D.C. sleight of hand directed by the White House. One thing that the last four years should have taught us is that Barack Obama is a master of misdirection. Typically anything he says is 180 degrees from the truth or what he will do. For example; The “Fiscal Cliff” fiasco had everyone looking so intently at the cliff that we did not notice a bigger issue—the 21 new taxes that took effect on January 1 courtesy of Obamacare. These taxes apply to “all people,” not just those over $250,000 per year. They say Sequestration will cripple the economy, when in essence it cuts very little from the out of control spending. And the campaign to eliminate firearms continues while not addressing the gun violence in gun free cities of such Chicago and Washington, D.C. where the nation’s strictest gun laws already exist. So while the cliff, sequestration and elimination of guns fill the news, new taxes and spending increase, while Chicago and DC gun crimes continue.
At some point the current administration needs to get back to basics, tell the truth, fix the economy, show fiscal responsibility with decreased spending, while creating real jobs. It is also time to stop making excuses and telling lies. The excuse that “the economy was much worse than I realized” or “that it is the previous administrations fault” should no longer work. Barack Obama was a sitting U.S. Senator along with Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, and John Kerry along with a majority in the Senate. Nancy Pelosi was a sitting Congresswoman along with a majority in the House. They were setting the agenda for the last two years of the Bush administration. The economy was going south on their watch. The current economy is owned by Barack Obama, the president for the last four years. The time is now for the Washington, D.C. elites to acknowledge the fact that we don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. In 1981 Ronald Reagan stated “Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem.” It is time to fix the problem and demand that our elected officials cut up the credit cards, start living by the same rules of the people they claim to serve, and stop spending our children’s future away.