The Washington Monument standing tall over our nation’s capital has seen better days, and a mysterious power outage has been added to its list of ailments.


The Washington Monument may be closed and in disrepair through 2019.

The monument, which stands at a whopping 555 feet into the skyline of Washington D.C., has had its lights off twice so far in 2017 – both of which were accidental.  Now, with its elevator repairs estimated to cost up to $3 million, the obelisk may not open to the public again until 2019.

“Normally, blinking red Aviation Warning lights are visible at the top of the 555-foot monument and spotlights light the monument at night.

“But Monday night the entire monument was in darkness.

“The National Park Service said late Monday that there was no power going into the monument; they were investigating why. They added that the problem was not related to last week’s outage.

“The lights also went out Jan. 3. That time, officials blamed the clock in the Washington Monument’s automated lighting system.

“The monument has had plenty of systems trouble lately. It’s been closed since August due to ongoing problems with its elevator. “

The crumbling infrastructure of the monument is an unfortunate testament to the priorities of the leadership in Washington, even with President Obama using rapid fire legislation to designate more areas of the country as National Parks.

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