Since I am in my fifties, I was a kid at the beginning of the great liberal/feminist/pro-gay/anti-war/no nuke/peace-love-drugs generation. They who embraced those ideas and never grew out of them are the people who have taken it upon their selves to straighten the rest of us out and change our world to how they feel it should be. The newest version of “Liberals” everywhere prefer being called “Progressives”. I guess it is supposed to sound better than Liberal, which nowadays has bad connotations for many. They’re still liberals to me. They and the liberals they vote for have a core set of beliefs that will ultimately undermine and destroy their children and grandchildren. They are eating their young. And mine. And yours.

I have to scratch my head at the way liberals think and what motivates them. They are hard to understand because they make so little common sense. Like why would they promote and push policies that ultimately harm them and their kids and the rest of us? Why? Yes they are idiots but it is deeper than that.

Liberal politicians are like all politicians in that they crave power and position. The difference is how pols on the Left crave power over EVERYTHING and EVERYONE at ALL TIMES. The stumpy little dudette Mayor of N.Y. is a perfect example. Nanny Bloomberg wants to run your life and the way you live it. He wants to devour your freedoms in the name of “what’s best for you, and for all”.
Obama and Bloomberg and their type want to rule the world and all in it, period. Our grandchildren won’t have a say in it. It will be too late for them.

Liberal Media and Hollywood gorge themselves on the rights and future of our kids. The kids don’t see it and how could they…they’re mostly just dumb kids who’ll find when they grow up and ain’t so dumb anymore that it is way too late to get back what was lost. Television news is nearly all Liberal biased horse crap full of lies and half-truths delivered by polished conmen. The news con artists and the bulk of Hollywood scumbags have decided it is fine to sell America and her ideals down the road in exchange for money, fame, popularity etc. They have spent fifty years twisting our morality, degrading our culture, changing our definitions, ruining our Country.

Liberal Teachers get an open shot at our kids daily. They are not really teachers as much as they are propagandists and indoctrinators. Most of us wouldn’t recognize what goes in classrooms today. Just yesterday I saw on Fox News a story of a college professor in Alabama who had his students write “Jesus” on a piece of paper, put it on the floor and stomp on it. ONE student refused and was thrown out of class. The school eventually apologized and the student is back but……c’mon! The professor, it turns out, is a Democrat party strategist too. What a surprise! Another member of the benevolent and tolerant Left. No agenda there! Pigs like this are getting to our kids every day. Sorry for the insult to pigs.

Liberal citizens among us come to the “eat your young” table too. So smart they are, so lofty their intentions for us, so caring they are. Truly, the dumbest people I know are Liberal. They think they are enlightened. They are stupid as hell. Many of these people are simply misguided do-gooders without a clue. Most are what’s called the “uninformed voter”. Seemingly normal Americans who were born here, whose parents and grandparents were born here are willing to throw their rights and ours away along with the rights of the next generations.

So, how are Libs eating our young?? Here are some good random examples.

Eat their spirituality and moral compass. Take God and religion out of everything and every place not a church. If Muslim it’s ok. Christian….hell no. Make all of society secular and reliant on the State.

Eat their brains with “Common Core”. Teach them what you want to whether it’s real or not. Change the History books to reflect a Liberal viewpoint that diminishes our Founders and our society. Call America a big hateful racist bully. Teach that to our kids. Teach them to revile those who truly love them, to turn their backs on them. Teach them that all that is right and good comes from The State.

Eat their courage. Tell them there is no such thing as an individual or individual accomplishment. Tell them they cannot do anything alone since they are too weak and too small. Shut off the scoreboard if one team is dominating the game. Give all the kiddies a trophy just because. Do everything in teams so nobody will feel left out. Everybody makes the team, even if they suck. Go ahead you well meaning idiot Liberals…turn our kids into spineless whiny wimps. Like yourselves.

Eat their individuality. We are seeing the rise of Statism in America. The Democrap Party has sold its soul to Liberalism and Barack Obama is the patron saint. The Libs and Dems want to take the “individual” out of society, the individual out of our kids. We MUST all look to the State for what we need. With the Left it’s all about control of the individual. Being independent and self-reliant is not what Liberals want you and me to be. Dependent is what they want us to be. If we are dependent, we are controlled. “For the common good” , they say. It’s what they’ll say when they come for your independence and mine. Hey, Liberals…..leave those kids alone!

I am proud of what America (used to) stand for.
I am proud to be Conservative.
I am happy to have married someone from the opposite sex.
I am happy my kids married someone from the opposite sex.
I am happy that there are still people out there who care about our Country more than themselves.

I am sick and tired of the Left feeding us the diarrhea that is THEIR warped belief system.
Gay marriage my ass. If you are a man and have sex with a man and think that somehow you are normal I’ve got news for you. What you do is un-natural. It is also pointless except for personal gratification. You won’t be having a family together in any natural way. It’s physically impossible see? Yet the vast majority of us, the straight folks, have to sit here and listen to the “LGBT” types tell us we have to change, we have to accept them, we have to throw away our morals, we have to change everything so as to accommodate them. NO WE DON’T. We don’t want what you’re selling. You want to be gay and married? Sorry you’re out of luck. Have a carriage, a shmarriage but not MARRIAGE. That’s for a man and woman. Your deal ain’t the same no matter how you try to shame us into accepting it. We are sick of your insistence on changing our culture to fit your personal sexual proclivities. Sadly you are imposing this on our kids too.

I don’t know how kids today will survive as adults. I suppose if Liberals have their way the kids will grow up genderless, dependent, passive, indoctrinated, mindless statists. They will have thrown away God, religion, tradition, marriage, personal responsibility, self-reliance, and freedom.

I feel like fighting and so I will. Liberals and the Democrap party are ruining America and stealing the minds and souls of our children. They are eating our young. It makes me sick.