I watched a movie last night titled “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story” (2009). And this movie contained a step by step template for how people can break out of the ghetto. It was the story of Dr. Ben Carson, whom many are now familiar with in the political arena.

He grew up in a ghetto, in a single parent family, and had to deal with the same school and street pressures that many urban youth have to deal with. And it did prove very difficult for him, even to the point of him succombing to “getting along” with it and making friends with bad people (even though he grew up Christian). He also had to deal with racial prejudice against him.

But he turned out to be a leading, innovative neurosurgeon, and now he’s a conservative activist. And the story of his path shows how a person can work their way to good places in life. And he did it in the ‘60s. Therefore, there are no excuses for others in this day and age. (BTW, not to be stereotypical, but his music of choice was peaceful and inspirational classical music, not urban music. And he daily turned to prayer.) And a huge part of his conversion was his mother. Therefore, parents can be effective if they take charge.

It also needs to be recognized how harmful liberals have been to the black community, even though they have claimed to be their champion. For instance, in 1964, before the civil rights movement, 80% of black families were 2 parent families. Whereas today, 67% are single parent families. That’s a 335% decline under liberal leadership. Therefore how can anyone claim that liberals have been good for blacks? Yet they claim to be, and the perception is that they are. Hard to believe. I also remember that when growing up in the now very liberal San Francisco (although it was very conservative when I was growing up) black families were very Christian and the women were highly respected.

I think that it would be great if every black person watched this movie (and everyone for that matter). It could help change the tone of this country and give hope and instruction to people who want to emerge out of poverty.


Dennis Marcellino is the author of The Plague Of Liberalism (www.ThePlagueOfLiberalism.com) and the creator of a new TV series that proves that God and His Bible, and not secularism, is the proven Truth and the answer to the society’s problems and the problems of individual lives. It can be seen online at www.ChristianProofs.com/episodes.html.