Have you ever wondered why people behave in the bad mannerism they do especially if they do not get their way? I have asked this question and wondered why these people behave so poorly. Over the years of watching and listening to those who seem to always complain about this and that, I have finally realized why these people act this way. Have you ever been shopping in some store and out of the blue, we hear some kid crying and carrying-on about something they want? We look over and the parent is not allowing them to get it, no matter how much they are in a temper tantrum?

Most of us can say we have seen how children act when they are young and when they do not get something they think they need, right? Recently, we have seen how a lot of adults behave when they too do not get their way. The best examples are those who have been and still are at Occupy Wall Street. Even though it is not currently reported by the main stream media, we can find news-worthy sources that show what despicable acts they are doing and how deplorable they are behaving. Remember, it was the main stream media outlets and the Democrat Party that said it is “these people who are supporters of Barack Obama and his agenda.” Are they reporting this today? Nope.

What is behind their mentality and how does it relate to the condition we are experiencing today in America? There is a common element that persists in all the examples just described and it is one that the news media and the Democrat Party depend upon. What it boils down to is this, “They act this way because they have minds that are immature.” An immature mind is a mind that cannot act in a mature manner; they cannot act without acting out; they cannot act by only using thought and reason.

The Democrat Party wants and needs those who have minds that are immature because they can mold them into thinking in a specific way. This is why the Democrat Party wants to control all of the main stream news media outlets too. If they can control the news that is being reported, those who have immature minds can be easily swayed by lies and deceit. They can be embolden to go out and occupy public places based upon emotion, not reason. They can get votes for a candidate who is not worthy in many aspects to be President of the United States. They only tell partial truths as they play upon the immaturity of those who can be molded into believing lies and things that are not true.

As I get older, I have come to realize that it can be fun to slip back to a time when my mind was young. However, one thing I can always say and that is “I have never been duped by the Democrat Party and there is nothing they can offer that will get me to believe what they say is true.” I am not saying Republicans always tell the truth, but I can say if we do not elect a Republican President and a Republican Congress in this next election, then America as we have grown up with, will be gone.

I do not need proof for you to believe me. All you have to do is look at what is happening right now. If you need proof, then you will need a mature mind because a mature mind can see what is clearly happening. I will not be able to convince an immature mind, because of its immaturity. I will tell you our ‘American Freedoms’ are being destroyed which means our United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights are being trampled upon. Our laws are being perverted into instruments of coercion and we have those in elected office today who only crave power. They are changing everything we hold dear and are trying to control every aspect of our lives. Those who have immature minds cannot see these things, because they are blinded by hate or greed. It is only us, those who have a mature mind that can see what is happening. It is us, those who act maturely in our daily deeds who can rationally understand what is happening to America; what we are seeing, we do not like.

When we see those Democrat supporters who are ‘pitching a fit’ because they did not get their way, what are we to think? We can know that these people have immature minds and they are being controlled by the main stream media and the Democrat Party. We can say they do not speak with authority because it is like the child in the store who is not getting their way. Do we let them run our life, or is it up to us, those who are mature, to run their life? If we allow the Democrat Party to win this coming election, then just imagine when the minds of the immature are telling you how to live every aspect of your life.

Today we are experiencing just a taste of what it is like for the immature to rule us; if we do not vote into office mature thinking people who honor our US Laws, our US Constitution and our Bill of Rights then we will never have a free America the remainder of our lifetime; nor our children’s lifetime. It is time for Americans to grow up and be mature about what needs to happen in order to save our Nation!