The early tremors of the 2016 presidential campaigns are already being felt.  Rubio, Jindal, and others are positioning themselves to try once again to take the White House in four years.  Republicans are basing their hopes on the fantasy of a much more economically devastated America coming to its collective senses and repudiating Obamanomics (including ObamaCare) and voting to install a “grown-up” in the Oval Office to lead the country.

Why “fantasy”?  Well, what evidence is there, currently, that leads anyone to believe that four years from now there will even be a United States of America in the form that Republicans envision?  Not only is Obamanomics a problem, but the creeping (or perhaps “galloping” would be a more accurate word) statism that Obama is sponsoring will potentially last long after he is gone from office.

Couldn’t happen, you say?  Think back some seventy-five or eighty years and look at the statist New Deal policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Have they gone away?  Or have they metastasized into more and more virulent forms that we now ignore as being simply part of the background of life in this country?

The midterm election in 2014 will have either 19 or 20 Democrat Party senators coming up for re-election. Of those 20, realistically there are seven or eight that might be picked up — if candidates start campaigning today.  The possible pickups:

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