Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is planning to launch a new political advocacy group made up of Silicon Valley figures which will initially concentrate on immigration and education reform.

But a leaked prospectus for the Political Action Committee has revealed boasts that figures in the information technology industry will be able to project spectacular political power due to their bank balance and social standing.

The claims come in an e-mail document drawn up by Joe Green who has been tipped to run the new advocacy group, reported political newspaper Politico.

Under a section titled ‘our tactical assets,’ the prospectus lists three reasons why ‘people in tech’ can be organized into ‘one of the most powerful political forces.’

‘1: We control massive distribution channels, both as companies and individuals. We saw the tip of the iceberg with SOPA/PIPA.

‘2: ‘Our voice carries a lot of weight because we are broadly popular with Americans.

‘3. We have individuals with a lot of money. If deployed properly this can have huge influence in the current campaign finance environment.’

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