As Anthony Weiner spends the first weekend of the rest of his life relaxing in the Hamptons with Huma, knowing he has a lucrative little pension nest egg to fall back on and already contemplating job offers, life outside the congressional office is not looking too bleak for the disgraced politician after all.

As well as that, Beverly Hills-based porn publisher Larry Flynt – founder of Hustler magazine – has made him a ‘serious’ job offer and even vowed to give him a 20 per cent raise above the salary he earned in office.

According to calculations by the National Taxpayers Union, Weiner could receive $46,224 annually if he waits until age 62 to draw his pension. If he opts to receive it early, starting at age 56, he would receive $35,357 annually.

Also, members of Congress participate in what is called the Thrift Savings Plan. The NTU estimates Weiner has a balance of $216,011 in that savings plan, if he had been investing aggressively in it.

He will also be able to keep his high-quality health care package – at his own expense – until November 2012.

And according to the Daily Beast, he will also be entitled to other perks and privileges even though he is no longer in office.

For the rest of his life, he will get free parking on the House side of the Capitol and will have access – for a small fee – to the congressional gym where he took some of the infamous photos that brought him down.

Former members are also given access to the House floor during regular business or joint sessions, meaning Weiner could attend speeches by the president or foreign heads of state who address joint sessions.

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