As Americans, it’s fair to say that we find ourselves not just in times of uncertainty, but many of us wake up every day to find a little bit more of our culture, our way of life, perhaps the American Dream itself disappearing before our eyes. There’s no shame in admitting that it’s scary.

The ideals that our Founding Fathers so brilliantly put forth in forming this Republic of self-sufficiency and independence have served to build the greatest, most powerful, productive, happy, benevolent society the world has ever known. It’s nothing short of a miracle – God’s miracle. But with those principles and values being chipped away, so is the strength of our nation and families.

What was once a country of strong working families with well-adjusted, God-fearing children and loving parents; now seems to be more and more like a place of dependency and weakness. It is time to get our priorities back in order and AMERICAN CULTURE is the place to find like-minded folks who want to get back to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. People with that “can do” attitude, who take lemons and make lemonade – but most of all – never quit.

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