On January 19, 2009, President Bush’s last day in office, gasoline was $1.89 a gallon and the Democrats were “whining” about high that was. Now, that Barack, “I Killed The Keystone XL Pipeline”, Obama, has doubled that price to $3.85 a gallon, the Democrats are silent.

And, silent about the 13 million Americans still out of work and the 7.9 percent Unemployment rate; the $16.6 Trillion dollar deficit; silent about the Al Qaeda Murderers of our Libyan ambassador and three others in Benghazi still roaming free in Tunisia; and silent about the $1.4 Trillion cost of Obamacare and 20 percent increase in health insurance premiums. In a Town Hall meeting in Bristol, VA on June 5, 2008, Barack “promised” health insurance costs would go down by $2500 a year for a family of four under Obamacare.(factcheck.org) That’s funny, our health insurance premiums went up by almost that amount in 2013.

Those 850,000 barrels of Oil America could have had flowing every day to lower our gasoline costs (with the building of the Keystone XL pipeline), will now be going to China via the Trans -Canadian Pipeline. Canada took exception to Obama’s latest “slap-in-the-face,” and agreed to the joint Canadian-China oil deal. So happy with its Canadian partnership, China’s biggest Oil and Gas producer company, CNOOC, spent $15.1 billion dollars to buy Nexen, Canada’s oil and energy company. Thanks, Obama, those 20,000 jobs and 850,000 barrels of daily oil America would have received via the Keystone XL pipeline, are now going to China!

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