More than 215,000 Maine food stamp recipients would be forced to shop for food items such as bread, milk, and vegetables. But for this to be passed, the bill has to go through an approval process where the Maine Department of Health and Human Services must ask the federal government for permission to eliminate the junk food items. The Department of Agriculture states that any food item is eligible to be purchased with food stamps because “[n]o clear standards exist for defining foods as good or bad, or healthy or not healthy.”

Maine has made some major changes to slow the flow for welfare abusers in their state and regain control over their depleting resources, including the novel idea Democrats don’t seem to understand that people should be required to work for their food. Now, Maine’s Republican State Senator Roger Katz has submitted a bill that will force food stamp recipients to trade in their candy for carrots.

According to WGME, Katz’s proposed bill would impose certain restrictions on what kind of food can be purchased and prevent people using food stamps from buying things like candy, fudge, and soft drinks. The cut would be to “taxable food items,” not to healthy alternatives that are necessary for a balanced diet.

“Here’s the deal – the food stamp program is the supplemental nutritional assistance program – I’ll emphasize the word nutritional,” Katz described as his reasoning behind this logical change to the system.

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