When there are more people receiving government welfare than
those working to support those benefits, the civilization is
destined for failure.  We are at that point in the “United
States of Welfare.”

When there seems to be more people (young people) available
to demonstrate the trivial actions of authorities to
regulate, enforce and maintain civilization, than to be held
accountable on jobs, the end is in sight.  In fact, it’s
already upon us, full force.  Grievances are inevitable;
handling them is another matter.  In the Black community of
today, the immediate reaction to anything that disturbs
their daily lives is the knee-jerk reaction of chaos – burn
the city!  Trash the malls; go into full “knock-out” mode!
This, my friends, is ok, perhaps in the Congo or Rwanda, but
not in a civilized neighborhood.  Not in the Western World.
Normally, when a person moves into a new neighborhood, it is
because it is better than the last one; or, at least, is an
improvement on their former digs.  In the “welfare world,”
it is a gift to plunder: take what you can; destroy
everything else.  The benevolent government will be there to
pick up the pieces.  When a person has invested nothing,
nothing else has any value.  In the old Communist world, the
unspoken attitude was: “What’s mine is mine; and … what’s
yours, is mine.”  That attitude has no standing in Ferguson,
or anywhere else.

Those on welfare are predators on those who work.  They
don’t acknowledge that; and that inaction descends into
usurpation of the working society, and non-appreciation of
it.  This lesson has been taught in a hundred different ways
but government’s ears are stopped.  The liberals are always
ready and willing to distribute the wealth of the workers to
those on the dole.  The tragedy of all this is that it tends
to enslave the recipients on the largesse.

The tragedy of Ferguson is repeated across the country time
after time, and the elite of society have eyes closed and
ears stopped as to the cause and remedy of this aberration.
Those without jobs to be held accountable to, have nothing
to look forward to but time on their hands – and it
inevitably leads to destruction; just waiting to joining the
mobs – seeing this as “something to do.”  As long as one is
“active,” he proves to himself that he is a “contributing
member” of society, when, in fact, he is the canker that
destroys the vine.

The attitude displayed in the Ferguson-Brown case, has been
the modus operandi since even before the Rodney King
episode: take whatever you want – whether it belongs to you
or not; makes no difference.  If this is the way one is
reared, the parents are to blame – if there are any.  Else
it is up to the schools where they apparently learn nothing,
either.  Citizenship is passe nowadays, replaced with the
proper sexual techniques courses.  My, how we have
progressed!  Whether it is cigars, alcohol, ice cream or
whatever, it is brought to us as a convenience by those who
are willing to invest their own money to meet the needs of
those who can’t or don’t have the resources to do this on
their own.  Those who so readily break windows and set
aflame these establishments have no concept of what went
into the desire of one to benefit a particular neighborhood.
They have probably worked hard, spent long hours and even
doubted their own wisdom in questionable neighborhoods;
nonetheless, they persisted, and now see their dreams go up
in smoke – from a mob of idiots with no concept of right and
wrong – and only time on their hands.  These kind of people
deserve no malls; no shopping centers; no rec facilities, no
gas stations, and no cars.  They value nothing – except a
body covered with tattoos and a woman out of wedlock to keep
constantly pregnant.  Is there no shame in the Black
Community?  Can it change?  We’ll have to wait and see.