There are probably times in most person’s lives when a little extra
would be a welcome sight.  In my own experience, being laid off in the
middle of winter in Siberia, was one of those times.  Not a whole lot
of employment is forthcoming in such situations.  However, not one day
went by that I wasn’t out “hunting” for a job.  My mind was set on
working, whatever the possibility was – driving trucks, washing cars,
even to the point of selling hosiery door to door.  It never dawned on
me to seek out the public dole.  And I was always blessed, because
employers saw that I was serious about working.  And, I might add,
while attending the university and raising a family.  I’m sure it
would have been less stressful just marching down to the welfare
office and filling out the forms to become “another case.”  That
really never entered my mind.  And even all the odd jobs I became
acquainted with, gave me an additional education and appreciation of a
variety of work which I otherwise would have missed.

In my marathon running days, I was constantly reminded of the refrain,
“No pain, no gain.”  There were painful days: cold, heat, wind, rain,
blisters, etc.  But the vision of the “Big Day” kept me running – and
made me a better runner.  That was then.

In today’s culture, the public dole seems to be front and center of a
huge percentage of our population.  In fact, with the government
actually pushing welfare, i.e., food stamps, wic, unemployment comp.,
and the list is endless, the thirsty horse heads to the nearest liquid
trough.  Government, an entity that is empowered to protect our
borders and guard us against all enemies has become our enemy “within”
our borders.  Urging people to sign up for welfare – in its endless
“opportunities” to become slaves to the government is akin to inviting
“guests” to come to our beautiful beaches, which turn out to be
quicksand.  And once mired up to our necks, we become, not guests any
longer, but victims of our own voracious appetite for something free.

Welfare, in any civilized setting, was never meant to be anything more
than a hand up.  It was never meant to be a lifelong tether – but
rather, assistance to finding work.  Granted, there are many who are
too old, unable, sick, etc., or otherwise in dire need of help.  In
days gone by, these people were aided by local groups, churches,
clubs, charities, civic organizations and philanthropies, but today
the government has effectively driven them out of competition, even
made it difficult for them to continue doing their benevolent work.
Thus, enslavement, to a government with no heart, no understanding of
the demeaning damage to a person’s self-image as an active contributor
to society, rather than a parasite to it’s crumbling body.  Once a
person is continued to be fed, rather than taught to fish, he becomes
a slave to “entitlement,” “I deserve it,” “it’s free!”

Can you imagine a child asking his father for advice to fixing a toy,
advice to a job situation, maintaining a car, investments,
education…and the father replying: “don’t know, son, I never
worked.”  “I got a free monthly check, just like MY father.”  This is
the situation we are facing today in modern-day America: families on
welfare for generations – who contribute nothing more to society than
the garbage they dispense every week.  And the main, contributing
factor is a government that continually “rewards” able-bodied persons
who CAN work, but are enticed not to.  This spiral has continued since
1935 and gets worse by the year.  It’s time to stop the disablement of
the great resources of our country and start replacing the “I can’t”
with the “I CAN” attitude.  But this can only be accomplished if the
government will get out of the way, stop the egregious burdens placed
on employers and give them reasons to hire – not to shrink their
work force with unending and ridiculous regulations.