Whoa!  Who said a thing like that?  Must be some very wicked
people out yonder.  Sounds like some evil sinister goings-on
and we had better be on guard.  Well, perhaps some folks
devoid of consciences, live by this very code; ruthless and
power-hungry to the point of using and abusing people for
their own pleasure.  But will they be satisfied when they
become so grossly rich to build their own palaces, that they
will return all the ill-gotten gains?  Hmmm … doesn’t
usually happen.  For those who make it honestly, the pattern
is usually the opposite: they give back libraries, museums,
schools, universities, etc.  It’s also called “The joy of
giving,” and it’s commendable. But the dark side seems to be
hovering around us at this moment to the detriment of this
once great country.

Taking a tip from a famous long-time-ago prophet, Amos, we
find similar circumstances that fit into our today world to
a T.  For those who don’t know history – this is just
another occurrence where we find what happens when we depart
any semblance of decency and compassion for our fellow man.
This country has become a cesspool of evil – and it’s being
fed from the top.  Of course, that’s where the power lies,
so those evil enough to avoid a conscience can turn the
“just” power given them to amass fortunes and power over
people that strangles them and turns them into slaves.  In
the process, passing unjust/evil laws that only “honor” the
Devil.  We are there.

The Lord God showed Amos what He was going to do to a people
who rejected Him and became grossly evil: Amos 8:4ff “Hear
this, you who swallow up the needy and make even the poor to
fail; you falsify the balances … so you can buy the poor
with silver and the needy for a pair of shoes.  I will send
a famine in the land; not a famine of bread or water, but a
famine of hearing the Words of the Lord.”

Fifty million people on foodstamps – buying votes; free cell
phones – same purpose (are these that necessary for
survival?)  EBT cards for, not just shoes – fancy, all-
colored ones.  And the famine comes from the removal of
God’s Word from schools, universities, all public buildings;
removed from history books and schoolhouse walls, only to be
replaced with the forced evil of sexual deviation.  Judge
Moore’s Ten Commandments removed from the courthouse front
entrance to a storage shed so to get this “abominable
edifice” out of the public’s eye.

And the “good people” stood by and let it happen.  Where is
the outrage?  Where is the gumption to stand up to tyranny,
even to the point of death or imprisonment when it comes to
the rendering asunder of all things meant to edify and lift
people’s spirits?  The day seems to be approaching rather
quickly when the IRS will be censoring the local Pastor’s
sermons.  Militias are growing around the country and this
is why: we can no longer rely on good laws to be enforced
but see volumes of bad new laws being enacted.  God’s famine
for America is past day one…