Ladies and gentlemen, we simply cannot be defeated in the arena of ideas. It’s been my point from the get-go. We’re up against people who are not nearly as smart as they think they are. We’re up against a bunch of people who are not nearly as important as they think they are. And we certainly are not up against a bunch of people upon whom the rest of us can rely. Let me talk to you. You are the people that make this country work. The people that we’re talking about can’t get anything done unless they have the force of government behind them making it happen. We are up against the forces of tyranny.

And when the forces of tyranny start tasting this power, then anybody who opposes them has become an enemy who must be silenced, must be shut down. And how? With the full force of government! This is a truism that remains, and that’s who we’re up against. These people cannot defeat us without first securing the power of government to give them the strength to actually squash us. Take that away from them and they can’t compete with us in the arena of ideas — in open discussion of policy, debating issues or what have you. This oral argument stuff is demonstrating it here.

The solicitor general, the government’s lawyer, you ought see the liberal blogs dumping all over this guy. The White House is going both ways. The White House is defending him and then there are other places they’re dumping on him. “He was incompetent, he was stumbling, he didn’t know what he was doing.” He’s got something that’s indefensible here! This Verrilli guy is trying to defend something that’s intellectually indefensible. The only way he can defend this is to manufacture a number of white lies about what the intent was and what the ultimate objective is. This is not anything anybody could look good trying to do, or very few could. We have these people outnumbered and we have ‘em out brained, but nobody knows it.

Nobody thinks it. So the attitude, the confidence that derives from it is simply missing. Take a look at what’s happening at the country. We have an economy that is in tatters. We do not have any economic growth to speak of, certainly not one that designates a “recovery” taking place. The job creation that’s happening is a myth. We have lost two million jobs since Obama was inaugurated. I don’t care how many they claim they’re adding week to week. We have lost two million jobs, and we have not replaced them. We’re at a net negative situation, and it’s not changing. We have the president driving this country into debt. He’s investing in worthless, unproductive technologies that are going bankrupt.

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