All the Oscars should have gone to the President, Vice President and the current administration along with 90 per cent of all the Democrats and Republicans in the Senate and Congress (and of course the liberal media) instead of Hollywood.

What a great job of acting they are all doing! The political drama keeps going day after day as the administration keeps pushing its gun control agenda on frustrated American citizens.

The current sequester is the ultimate in high drama. Obama says thousands of jobs will be cut ! Everyone in Washington is passing the blame. Is anyone with any common sense running our government?

This administration is continually seeking ways to bypass the constitution in several areas since it has an appetite for more control. Taking away guns from law-abiding citizens won’t help. It’s just another “acting” excuse to disarm Americans and circumvent the second amendment. Having people get their guns registered to protect us from criminals and the insane is just another (they say harmless) attempt to fool Americans.

At a recent gun show in West Virginia the local TV station interviewed citizens. One concerned person in attendance said if the government tries to take guns away, the war will start in West Virginia because people love their guns here. Thousands were in attendance at this very large show up 30 per cent over last year.

West Virginians are not happy with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) who is pushing for a different plan to expand background check requirements. Manchin fired back recently on the news defending himself for his actions. Besides Manchin ,several other senators are calling for a larger gun control package.

American citizens in every state ought to find out where their senators and congressmen stand on gun rights and second amendment issues. This potential infringement on the second amendment must be stopped.