The facts are well known to historians.  The years leading up to World War II were wilderness years for Winston Churchill.  When it came to warning his countrymen about the growing threat Adolph Hitler and his Nazi party represented to the world in general and to Britain specifically, Churchill was a lone voice crying in the wilderness.  British officials and the British people did not hear Churchill’s warnings for the simple reason that they did not want to hear them.

Having lost thousands of young men fighting in the trenches of World War I, the British public did not want to hear about the possibility of another war with Germany.  The prospect of renewed fighting was so distasteful that British politicians and the British public chose to just stick their heads in the sand and ignore Churchill’s prescient warnings.  Then, just barely before it was too late, they were forced by circumstances to listen and at long last admit he had been right all along.  Conservatives now find themselves in a position similar to that of Winston Churchill and they could learn a valuable lesson by studying his example of perseverance in the face of opposition.

True conservatives feel they are being abandoned by the Republican Party as it bends ever leftward in a misguided attempt to attract women and Hispanic voters.  Churchill too was abandoned by his party, a party led by Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin and later by the ultimate appeaser, Prime Minister Neville “Peace-in-our time” Chamberlain.  Like Obama, Baldwin and Chamberlain were more interested in exploiting public opinion for political gain than in influencing it for the good of their country.  What Churchill had to contend with was a British public more interested in comfort than conflict and a political party—his own—more interested in exploiting the head-in-the-sand mentality of the British public than in telling the truth about  Nazi aggression.

Conservatives in America today are in a similar position.  The American public has been wooed by liberals into accepting entitlement, statism, identity politics, class envy, environmental wackiness, and feminism as the new normal in America.  Conservatives who know better and speak out against the looming internal threat of socialism, like Churchill, find themselves on the outside; ostracized by the American public and their own political party.  Like the pre-World War II British conservative party of Baldwin and Chamberlain, America’s Republican Party is focusing more on political expedience than on statesmanship and leadership.

Like Churchill in the long and frustrating years leading up to World War II, true conservatives in contemporary America feel like alien beings in their own country.  No one wants to listen, and the few who listen don’t want to believe.  Spurred on by the false promises and distortions of the left, many Americans—47 percent if you can believe Mitt Romney—have convinced themselves that business is the enemy, government will take care of them, working Americans represent a bottomless well of tax revenue for government programs, entitlement is better than hard work, and identity politics coupled with class envy is a legitimate way to gain and keep power.

These are frustrating times for true conservatives in America.  These are our wilderness years.  This is why Churchill’s handling of his wilderness years prior to World War II can teach us a valuable lesson. This lesson is simple:  When you are right, persevere.  Do not be put off by an alien press, left-leaning media mavens, those who are so addicted to their government entitlements that they refuse to acknowledge the possibility of ever losing them, corrupt politicians who would sell our country out for even a short-term benefit, and a society that has digressed to the point that it no longer endorses the values of our Founders.  When you know that your countrymen have adopted a mentality that appeals in the short run but is destructive in the long run, follow Churchill’s example: speak out and don’t stop speaking out.  Or in the words of Churchill, “Never give up.  Never give up.  Never, never, never, never give up.”

Like Great Britain in the years leading up to World War II, America has a day of reckoning coming.  Liberals like Barack Obama and company can promise, distort, and obfuscate all they want.  Eventually the truth will emerge, and it will prevail.  When this happens, Americans of all stripes will turn to conservative leaders to rescue them from the mess created by misguided leftists, just as Great Britain turned to Churchill.  Unfortunately, when this finally happens, like Churchill, conservatives will face a major challenge: how to extricate our country from the deep hole self-serving politicians and entitled citizens have dug for us.   The United State was there to rescue Great Britain from the destruction wrought by Hitler.  Who will be there to rescue the United States from the destruction wrought by Obama?