Mostly missed in the political quagmire of the last week or so was the story of the government zombie program subsidizing the helium industry. Rep. Hank Johnson gave a rousing (if ridiculous) speech in support of this program’s continuation that he eventually claimed was actually supposed to be commentary on the Republican Parties wasting of Congressional time.

Mr. Johnson took time to clarify that his speech was meant to be seen as a moment of “levity”, tweeted this later; (
“Despite sequestration, House GOP wastes two days on helium:—
Rep. Hank Johnson (@RepHankJohnson) April 26, 2013”

I appreciate Mr. Johnson’s sentiment, but he can be sure that I would happily see Congress “waste” more time killing money waster’s like the federal helium reserve. What Rep. Johnson fails to realize is that by cutting useless programs like the federal helium reserve we can begin moving toward fiscal sanity.

However, there is more to be learned in the helium reserve debate debacle. Namely this; our government is filled with money wasting bureaucratic claptrap garbage that is just begging to be cut. The federal helium reserve had been on the books since WWII… it was meant as a safety measure to ensure that we would be able to stay on the cutting edge of the fighting dirigible wave. If you hadn’t noticed the air balloon ceased being an effective method of warfare right around the same time it was an effective method of warfare. The plane made short work of the balloon. Yet, here we are some 70 plus years later… finally ending the madness. There are more of these nuggets buried deep within our bureaucracy, wasted millions, keeping just out of the light in the hopes some wary fiscal conservative won’t find them.

Here are just a few examples other watchful folks have found:




If politicians like Rep. Johnson really want to start fixing our budget issues, they should “waste” more time fixing the sieve that is government spending.