Former Palin aide Michael Goldfarb told TheDC that one of the most important things Bachmann should learn from Palin is the manner in which the former Alaska governor related to Americans — ignoring the media and taking her message directly to the grassroots.

Goldfarb explained that Palin was and continues to be very adept at bringing her message directly to the people — something Bachmann ought to emulate.

“Palin was very effective at this,” he said. “If you look back at her record, take the health care debate for example, Palin did not hold elected office, and certainly didn’t hold office in Congress, I’d say she had a much larger effect on that debate with her rhetoric about death panels…than any other politician in the country I’d say. I think that is the way Bachmann can look at it. She doesn’t need the approval of mainstream media.”

Another thing Bachmann can learn from Palin, according University of Virginia’s Center for Politics director Larry Sabato, is her ability to jab at the media, without appearing angry or hateful.

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