Last week, I wrote an article titled “What Have We Become”. A couple of the responses that this article generated got me thinking about where we go from here. Are our best days over? Are we on that long downhill slide? What can we do to get our honor back as a nation? Will the country go bankrupt?

Let’s start with the last question. Will we go bankrupt? We do not have to break the national bank. We need to stop spending as much as our politicians seem to think is necessary. The problem is that the present administration knows no limits on their compulsion to spend. I read yesterday that eighty-five percent of Americans think we have a spending problem. That eighty-five percent is, dead on, correct. The Republicans alone can’t stop the insanity. What needs to happen is for some Democrats to stand up and put America first or we must wait for the next election.

The next thing that must be done is to energize the business community. This will not be difficult. They are sitting on a pile of cash and are straining at the leash to expand and hire. But they are scared to death of an amateurish administration that is out of control and despises business. If we could put together a fair, long term, tax plan and cut regulations back to the point where business can start, exist, and flourish the economy would heal almost immediately. Business needs long term security because they must plan. Give them this and there will be jobs. Business will grow. Tax coffers will fill.

One thing that the Obama administration would love to hide is that the United States has the worlds largest supply of fossil fuel energy beneath our soil. We are sitting on a treasure trove of fuel, yet we are required to give billions of dollars to mid-eastern countries rather than use what we already own. This is insanity. Uncork the riches that are ours. Stop bowing to people that hate us. We have coal. We have oil. We have natural gas. All in abundance. We are the United States of America. The proudest and strongest nation in history. We are also the most giving and caring nation in history. The world needs us to be the best that we can be, to steal a motto from the Army. Get the politicians out of the way and unlock our power.

The government must stop passing out our money to private businesses. When we give foreign aid to foreign countries there must be terms of agreement that guarantee it to be in our national interest. And we must stop the silly spending like robot squirrels and other nonsensical research. Once we get the, out of control, spending in control and get business back, up, and running we, as a country, will be able to afford to do the things that must be done. But the waste must stop forever.

One very important item is the military. We do not use our military power to control. We use our military power to assure the freedom of ourselves and others who do not have the resources to do for themselves. We must have a strong military. Once our country is free to grow again we will be able to afford what the free world knows is a necessary anchor for peace. Are we perfect? No. But we try, more than any other nation in history, to protect those that are sorely in need of protection.

We are a proud country. We have every right to be. We give of ourselves, asking nothing in return. I titled this article, “What Can We Become?”. I was wrong to use that title. We are already, as a people, what we can become. We have just been stifled by an over reaching administration that is not as good as we are. They are not part of the solution, they are the problem.