Back in the 1950’s, it was unacceptable for women to even consider working outside of the home.

Now, in 2012 women who stay home to raise families are the enigmaHaving more than two children in one family is thought of as archaic—or even “selfish” by many in the carbon footprint-minded sect.

One of the topics the PolitiChicks will discuss soon is how feminism has affected young girls in a world where women are ‘empowered’; they work, they’re independent, they’re sexually freer than ever before.

And how has feminism affected the young men of today?  Not too long ago, marrying a virgin was important to them; these days, it seems the opposite is true.  If a boy knows he will not be able to have sex with a girl, will he still date her or not?  The boys I’ve mentored unfortunately say ‘probably not’.

I’ve also personally spoken to middle school girls who told me that by the time they were in 5th grade many kids had already had sex.


The girls I spoke to were more afraid of being ostracized by peer groups than anything else.  It’s rough enough being in middle school, but to have the pressures of sex on top of that, the stress level is through the roof for these kids.

So where does that place the young women of today?  To put it bluntly, lots of girls believe it’s almost more acceptable to be thought of as a slut rather than a virgin in 2011.

Regarding marriage, I’m wondering if young men are concerned about what type of girl they’d want to bring home to meet their parents.  Do their parent’s opinions matter to them anymore?  And do families still care what type of girl their sons would possibly marry, or are they choosing to stay out of it, mind their own business?

And finally, who is to blame for these new sexual pressures on young girls?  Parents?  The media, the school systems?  Is it because of the de-mystifying element of sex, making it so in-your-face via the internet, TV and movies?

These are some of the questions we’ll be addressing on upcoming episodes of PolitiChicks.  The young girls I’ve talked to about it say they’re frustrated because it doesn’t seem to matter anymore whether they “save” themselves or not.  Talking about this subject—and getting it out in the open—seems to be very important to them.  I hope PolitiChicks does it justice.