Stand by America—the environmentalists are coming.  Radical environmentalists are practically gleeful over Barack Obama’s re-election because they now have four more years to advance their anti-business, anti-people agenda.  To understand how far modern environmentalists have strayed from the origins of their own movement, consider the definition of “environmentalism” provided by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: “Advocacy of the preservation, restoration, or improvement of the natural environment; especially the movement to control pollution.”  If this definition were an accurate reflection of modern environmentalism, the concept would not be so controversial.  However, because of the excesses of so-called environmentalists, Merriam-Webster’s definition more accurately describes people who prefer to be known as conservationists or, even, responsible developers. Conservationists and responsible developers are both interested in maintaining the beauty and integrity of the natural environment—the former for man’s enjoyment and the latter because doing so is good business.

The modern environmentalism movement, on the other hand, is a confederation of earth worshippers, animal rights advocates, abortionists, anti-technology Luddites, and various other factions of the radical left.  It is most accurately viewed as a denomination within the broader religion of secular humanism.  The various factions of the environmentalism movement all have different agendas, but the glue that holds them together is their common enemy: mankind.  In reality, the modern environmentalism movement has become an umbrella organization under which all left-wing groups who regard human beings as the enemy can plant their flags.  Like all members of the radical left, environmentalists view human beings as entities to be controlled and manipulated by an all-powerful civil government.

Environmentalists try to portray their movement as an ideology concerned only with the health of the environment and the protection of the non-human elements in it.  But in reality, it is an anti-mankind movement that sees man as the enemy of all things on earth.  Consequently, environmentalists hope to use the ballot box to force their secular religion—which is what environmentalism really is—on all Americans.  This is one of many examples that demonstrate the left’s adherence to the maxim that might makes right, provided, of course, that they have the might.  But does it?

In her book, Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution, Ayn Rand has this to say about environmentalism as an ideology: “The nature of an ideology is not determined by majority vote—but by logic…even if various environmentalists…would deny this…The full implications of an ideology’s central principle are often evaded by its adherents.”  What Rand is saying is that: 1) environmentalists want to force their views on society by controlling the civil government because they cannot persuade people on the basis of logic or economics, and 2) that the left conveniently ignores the illogic of its own views.

Environmentalists often go to such extremes that they are occasionally referred to by detractors as “wackos.”  Unfortunately, they sometimes earn this disparaging label.  For example, consider the case of the space-alien study completed by researchers at Pennsylvania State University. Writing for The Washington Times, Jeffrey T. Kuhner commented on this study:  “Unbelievably the study is not a joke, although global laughter prompted its authors to insist it was meant to be.  In their report, ‘Would Contact With Extraterrestrials Benefit or Harm Humanity? A Scenario Analysis’ Shawn Domagal-Goldman of NASA’s Planetary Science Division and his colleagues discuss the possible outcomes of a close encounter between aliens and humans.  One of their likely scenarios is that extraterrestrial-intelligence (ETI) contact with humanity may compel space aliens to wipe us out.  Why? In order to save the galaxy from a capitalist, industrial, polluting civilization that is ravaging Earth’s environment and emitting greenhouse gases that will doom the planet.”

It would be tempting to simply laugh off the views expressed by these NASA environmentalists as so much foolishness, but the reader should not overlook the hatred of mankind, industrialization, and capitalism expressed in their comments.  As is often the case with environmentalists, the views of these NASA scientists can be summarized as follows: The world would be a great place if it weren’t for all of these people.