The United States has become the skinny little high school freshman that the football players would stuff into his locker. Maybe we haven’t got there physically yet but that is the mind set of our leaders. Twice, in the last century, we prevented totalitarian governments from taking control of the civilized world. Some countries loved us. Those that didn’t love us respected us. Those that didn’t respect us feared us. Because of who we were and what we did, we brought some stability to the world.

We were even able to stymie many of the USSR’s aggressions during the cold war. They were, in those days, a determined enemy. They truly thought that the United States might attack them, as we thought the same about them. They put enormous resources into war preparations. We were obliged to match and exceed the amount of resources to force a stalemate. It took about forty-four years, but the USSR finally collapsed.

Admittedly, since then we have been involved in some ill advised adventures. In Korea we were obliged to support the south when they were attacked by the north. South Korea had been a staunch ally in WWII. Truman proved to the world that we could be a trusted friend. We have had troops in South Korea ever since, underlining that proof.

We stumbled badly with the Bay of Pigs situation in Cuba. We trained Cuban refugees to retake their homeland and abandoned them on that beach. That was definitely not our finest hour. Viet Nam was an absolute mess. We put a foot into a swamp and ended up in quicksand up to our necks. That soiree cost us dearly in both dollars and reputation and almost destroyed us as a nation.

Then as we got involved with places like Kuwait, Kosovo, and Iraq there were some who thought the United States was weakened. We didn’t strike back as we should have when we suffered harm. The Beirut Marine Barracks bombing the “Blackhawk Down” misadventure and the bombing of the USS Cole embarrassed us as a nation and encouraged those that hate us. Our response to the twin towers was confused and confusing.

We are now at the point where a chubby little thirty year old minor despot feels free to threaten to turn our nation’s capitol into a sea of nuclear fire. A middle eastern theocracy with one foot firmly planted in the twentieth century and the other deeply anchored in the sixth century threatens us with all out war. A now dead (may he sleep with the devil) South American thug dictator had the nerve to insult the President of the United States in front of the United Nations.

Meanwhile, we are watching our military get gutted. Homeland Security is acting more and more like they are in charge of a police state. The liberals want to disarm American citizens by any means they can devise. Politicians in general seem to feel a need to control the behavior of what used to be a free people. Personal property is at risk. Free speech is now subject to political correctness. Perceived sleights are treated as crimes. Our President acts like he is a Sovereign and above both the people and the law. The Bill of Rights has become nothing more than a list of suggestions. The government can kill American citizens at will or peek in their windows as long as they use a drone.

This is neither the USA I was brought up in, nor the USA I wish my grandsons to live in. We put the people that have done this to us in office. It is now time to evict them. Send them home. They have overstayed both their welcome and their usefulness.