What if he didn’t leak anything? What if Edward Snowden hasn’t been found because nobody is really looking for him? What if everything…what was announced, when it was announced, the Hong Kong press interview… was all staged. I might say all part of an elaborate plan, but that sounds a bit Hollywood, and how elaborate is it these days to fly a couple of guys to Hong Kong and do what every 12 year old in America knows how to do for YouTube with a cheap camera?

Maybe Snowden isn’t a patriot or a traitor. Maybe he’s just following orders, drawing a paycheck, and getting put up in some exotic locales for a while, to give it all just that extra dose of realism. Work with me here. Who would go to such trouble? Who would want to disclose this top secret NSA program, followed rapidly by the disclosure of the even more intrusive Prism program? Who would be willing to risk our national security in such a cavalier manner, and to what end?

My theory is this: Obama knows. And he wants you and the rest of the world to know that he knows. So you’re a courageous young tea party Congressman. You came to Washington to be a statesman. You intend to fight the tyranny of the Obama administration. You want to overturn Obamacare. And you’re good. You’re smart, talented politically, and a man or woman of great character and integrity. Well then you’re just the kind of congressman this so called “leak” was designed for. Obama knows. And he wants you to know that he knows.

Remember that college buddy you connected with on Facebook, and how the two of you reminisced about that party you threw freshman year? Remember the pictures you shared? Oh gosh! If those ever got out…Obama has them. They’re in a database and backed up on a hard drive. They can go around the world in seconds and…if the circumstances are right…or you become a big enough threat…they will. Your aging parents will see them. Your child will get a copy sent to their phone.

How about this? You know how to get things done. You have innovative solutions that could help the nation be great again. You’ve never aspired to get into politics but you love your country and you are frightened by the state it is in. You’ve talked it over with family and you’re going to do it. You are really going to run as a Republican for a significant office. You are certain you can make a difference. You are excited and nervous all at the same time but you are really going to dive into this thing and run.
Just as you are forming your campaign team you see Edward Snowden on television, and you feel tightness in your chest. You suddenly remember those emails you exchanged with your receptionist a few years ago. Nothing ever happened, but you were a married man and she a married woman. You knew you shouldn’t have been talking like that, knew it wasn’t appropriate but it was a slip, a moment in time, and after all, they were just emails. Who is ever going to know?… Obama knows. And using an algorithm the system can bring them up on a screen and your Democratic opponent can have a hard copy in his hand in ten minutes. So are you sure you really want to run for office? It would be a shame if your wife got a copy of them too.

Hey, Mr. Republican Senator, before you vote against Harry Reid, think back. Is there anyone, anyone at all, that you have talked to on the phone in the past few years that you wouldn’t want the world to know about? Unless you’re sure, you really might want to reconsider your vote.

Everything I’ve written here is just conjecture. I admit I am grasping at straws. But think of the chilling effect this must be having in Washington. Congress asked Eric Holder if he was eavesdropping on their calls too and he refused to answer. He could have lied and said no, he is no stranger to lying. But he CHOSE not to answer. He wanted the Congressmen to wonder, “what if they have… THAT”.
What if Snowden has only done, is only doing, exactly what the White House told him to do. What if everything is working exactly according to plan. What if from the vantage point of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, 2014, 2016, and beyond, look just rosy?