It seems that we have been talking about this day for years. Many of us who are truly conservative have been hoping and yearning for this day since Election Day plus one in 2008. Now it is here.  I am writing this on Sunday night before the election and I do not believe the polls. I do not believe the race will be close. I believe Romney will win by double digits. Let us assume that happens. Let us assume that what we have been hoping for, and striving for, and attending rallies for, finally happens. That begs the question. Then what…

What of Congress?- If Romney wins, it is my sincere hope that his momentum returns control of the Senate to Republicans and increases their majority in the House. Should this occur then in the first session we as voters must demand, and I do mean DEMAND, what we elected the Republican majority to do (in 2010 and 2012) namely repeal Obamacare, aggressively cut spending and balance the budget, take our border security seriously, develop an energy policy that stands up to environmental extremists and allows us to take advantage of our abundant natural resources, and support the new President in implementing a realistic foreign policy in regards to radical Islam and the middle east. I fully expect Senator’s like McCain and Graham to immediately begin to “tamp down” fires ignited by the tea party to repeal Obamacare. Obamacare is all about government power and control. Liberal Republicans love those two as much as any Democrat. We the voters must not take “no” for an answer.

Be Ever Vigilant- If Romney wins, I fully expect a scorched earth, salted fields strategy to be implemented by the Obama/Reid two headed monster.  We must not underestimate the level of disdain these radical leftists have for this country as founded. They are far too sinister to simply accept their defeat as a mandate from the American people. Mandates have no effect on politicians whose ideology is so far removed from those of the citizens of this nation. We must communicate to our leaders in the House and Senate that we expect them to hold Obama accountable when they assume office. It may become necessary for Romney to make some public statement to that affect. Obama and Reid posses an arrogance that is unprecedented in my lifetime of following politics. Only the threat of impeachment and prosecution will keep such arrogance in control. As voters we must resist the temptation to disengage from political news for a time. We are all burned out but the times are far too treacherous for us to allow ourselves the luxury of disengagement again. Take a day or two off as an informed voter if you must but then we must return to our pre-election level of awareness.

Recognize That We Have Only Taken the First Steps- Our nation is in a dire state because of forty years of nearly unchecked liberalism. Liberalism has permeated out textbooks, our entertainment culture, and most starkly our media. It took time for liberals to gain that much influence. It will likewise take time, diligence and effort for conservatives to overcome such influence. As I said in my earlier column, Stand To Post, this is our generation’s time in history to sacrifice and serve our country. Therefore we must remain engaged. In order to rescue this nation, I doubt any of us will be able to return to our previous life of only marginal political involvement.

Crash the Party- Remember, Romney has not historically been a conservative. If Romney wins, as soon as the votes are tallied, a battle will rage within the Republican Party. Make no mistake, it was Romney’s shift to the right during the summer that put him in a position to win this election. The moderate and liberal Republicans a) won’t like that and b) will NEVER admit that. They will not give up the party willingly. We must take it. Conservatism alone can restore this nation’s greatness. It will be incumbent upon the tea party, social conservatives and fiscal conservatives, to band together and continue our momentum. Volunteer in your local Republican Party office. We must continue to grow our influence at the local level and not be deterred when rebuffed. There will most certainly be much resistance. The party establishment, even at the local level, will not want to yield control. They will first attempt to placate us and then try to purge us. Do not be deterred. Conservatism will prevail in the arena of ideas if we can persevere.

I often use an analogy when Democrats want to argue with me about which party is on their side. I tell them neither party is on the side of the average citizen. That role is reserved for Conservatives.  Neither party likes Conservatives. Neither party wants to associate with Conservatives. This is not a new phenomenon, it was true in Europe before America was founded. It will be that way until the end of time. We must always defy the preferred currents.

The difference in the parties can be described thusly: As a Conservative the Democrats not only would not let you in the door of the tent, they would stone you before you got near the tent. The Republicans don’t like you, but they need you. Therefore they will let you into the tent and then relegate you to a dark, musty, dust filled corner. At least with the Republican’s you are in the tent.

In 2008 the folks in the corner grew restless. In 2010 they broke the China and very nearly got out of hand. In 2012 we are going to demand a seat at the front table. By 2014, if we pray, and don’t give up, and remember what conservatism truly is, we will decide who gets in the door.


Chris Skates is the author of the novel, Going Green: For Some It Has Nothing To Do With The Environment. He has been published in dozens of national magazines and has authored multiple technical articles in his field of Chemistry. You can follow his blog at