When I was a kid I was in Scouting. You may know the deal…Cub Scout to Webelos to Boy Scout. We had an oath to take and a code to live by. We were being given the roots of what we would later understand as CHARACTER.

The Scout Oath is: On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

The Scout Code is: A Scout is: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

It was in Scouting that I began to learn how to be independent and to take on problems and find solutions. The first steak I ever cooked by myself was during winter camping in NH when I was a Webelo. (by the way it stands for “We’ll be loyal” Scouts). I cooked it over an open fire on a forked stick. I ate it very rare and with some dirt and pine needles on it cause it kept falling off the stick. The steak was not good but I learned something, and the feeling of doing for myself was empowering. I don’t think a Liberal would make a good Scout. A Liberal couldn’t handle the oath or the code.

What are most Liberals to me?
L = Lazy
I = Intolerant
B = Bitter
E = Elitist
R = Racist
A = Angry
L = Leech

When I ask someone what makes them a “Liberal”. I never get concrete answers except for perhaps they’re for Roe V. Wade and are fine with gay marriage. It gets muddy after that. In my opinion Liberals in general are:

LAZY: People like the ObamaPhone lady from Cleveland (her family must be so proud)
who just want free stuff paid for by someone else, the Union guy who never tried to be anything more than a dude who puts lug nuts on wheels at the auto plant and thinks he should get paid like a doctor, the uninformed moron voter who is too lazy to educate himself. Laziness is big with most Liberals. “Earning it” comes in way below “getting it from someone else”.

INTOLERENT: Is there a more intolerant group than Liberals? They are intolerant to the point of violence. It could be how they use their flawed understanding of “Separation of Church and State” to attempt to remove religious symbols from our lives. It could be the way they call love to call us racists when we don’t agree with them. A current example is the babes in NY who printed in their “newspaper” the addresses of registered gun owners (they don’t like guns or gun folk). It could be the violence we saw at Occupy WS, during the Wisconsin Gubernatorial Re-Election, and at a pro-union protest in Michigan just days ago. The Left loves to call the TEA Party racist. Can I get ONE example please? And where’s the violence at TEA Party events?

BITTER: I rarely find a Conservative that’s bitter about others or bitter about their own condition. Real Conservatives do not blame others for any woes they may have. True Conservatives just aren’t wired that way. They would be embarrassed within themselves at the thought of blaming their situation on others. They aren’t victims. Liberals tend to be bitter towards all kinds of people both individually and in groups. It’s the rich. Even uber-wealthy Libs hack on the wealthy. It’s white folks. It’s corporations. The oil companies. The coal industry. Gun owners. Hunters. Home schoolers. The Faithful. The self-reliant. The traditional. The opposition.

ELITIST: Barack Obama. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Van Jones…..just to name six. The same types are all around us. The education system and Teacher’s Union are flooded with them. These self-styled know-it-alls live to stick their upturned noses into every aspect of other people’s lives. Their drug of choice is control. The high that results is power. These are the Agenda 21 folks. Just this morning I saw where somewhere in Colorado there’s a proposal to force dog owner’s to put their dog in a life jacket when near water. Where do these weirdos come from? Bloomberg with his bans on salt and big sodas, who does he think he is? Now he claims he’ll spend much of his billions to take away guns. Go away Mayor and leave people alone. These folks and their supporters want to run your life and mine.

Racist: I don’t know many black people. I used to when I lived in Florida years ago but not where I live now. I also don’t know a Conservative who is racist. Not one. Like me, the Conservatives I know love it when anyone makes good of themselves. We don’t dislike, hate, fear or begrudge black people a thing, period. We judge by character, like Martin Luther King Jr. believed it should be. I see racism all the time on the Left. They are always pulling the “race card”. I believe that those constantly accusing racism are racist themselves. They do “protest too much” by my account. Racism ties in well with the bitterness and intolerance of most Liberals. Call it what you want but for Liberals to stay in power they MUST have and maintain a lower class that they can pander to and buy votes from with taxpayer money through “freebies”. Too many in that class are minorities and don’t see how they are being kept down.

ANGRY: Being intolerant and bitter tends to make one an angry person. Watching guys like Ed Shrilltz, Chris “tingle leg” Matthews, Lawrence O’Dumbell and Piers Stephan O’Meara Pughe-Morgan…..it’s nutty how angry these guys are. Why are Liberals so angry all the time? Maybe they thrive on a good crisis. Maybe they NEED to feel victimized by every little thing and so they’re always mad at somebody. They have their left wingnut man in the White House. He’s willing to write law with his own pen and has done so. They have the mainstream media in their pocket. Their Union pals are out bustin’ heads. The dock workers are threatening a strike that would hurt an already sad economy. Life is good! Lighten up.

LEECH: America’s insane debt has a lot to do with the amount of stuff given to those who’ve no right to it. Spending on both sides has buried us on several fronts but “entitlements” is a biggie. I’m not talking Social Security or Medicare. It’s the other stuff. Free or subsidized rent, heat, food, transportation, health care, tuition, phones, etc. We’ve got a lot of leeches sucking off the system and we taxpayers foot the bill. The leeches who don’t try to work instead of taking handouts will be majority Liberal. A true conservative is ashamed to take a handout and will avoid it if at all possible. A Liberal brags about how much he gets.