It’s amazing to me that the left can even have the audacity to say that people shouldn’t be required to have a photo ID in order to be able to vote.

How stupid do they think people are? Or maybe a better question is: how stupid are people to buy into this argument that needing a photo ID is racist? (But maybe it isn’t stupidity, it’s sloth and greed and the wealthy part of the left paying off the slothful part in order to get their vote so they can continue to promote their sinful, dysfunctional agenda.)

If a person can’t make such a simple effort as taking the time to go down to get a photo ID, they don’t deserve to vote.

They would be evidencing that they don’t have enough civic responsibility or intelligence to adequately figure out the right people to vote for. But I don’t think that’s the case. That is, the only reason that I can see to fight against requiring a photo ID (although it will never be stated this way by the left) is because it will detract efforts to commit fraud with the voting counts … just like it was done in 2008 with dead people voting; incarcerated people voting; the same person voting multiple times and in multiple states; votes being paid for; people voting for other people; people being rounded up in busses and being told to vote a certain way just because of how the elections were being presented to them; voter intimidation (like the Black Panthers did in Philadelphia); etc.


All of this is on top of appealing to a person’s greed that says that they must support the politicians who will continue their payola. Too bad they either don’t recognize that the gravy train will eventually run out of money … like has happened in Europe, where they then violently protest like the temper tantrums of a 2 year old, expecting the parent (government) to come and give them what they want. Don’t they realize that they are the parents now and therefore should be taking responsibility to join in and fix the problems, or vote for those who have the best visions on how to fix problems, which have been allowed to fester to the breaking point because they were ill-conceived in the first place? Or they are just too selfish, lazy or unpatriotic to care about the system being fixed.


Yes there are financial pressures on a number of people, but the GOP offers the best solutions for this, which is: an understanding for how to create jobs. It’s like many aren’t recognizing that the current government is taking the “credit card approach” and running up a debt, without a care that this debt will have to eventually be paid. And the individuals who also take that approach in their personal lives (that is, charge now without a sensitivity for the future), they will also take that same approach regarding who they vote for under a guise of “fairness”, not recognizing that in order for jobs to be created, there has to be large sums of money in the hands of some people. So if the government takes it and “redistributes” it, there will be less money for creating jobs. It’s just like Romney recently said, “Obama is an economics lightweight.”

Stay tuned for my next article, where I give “A 10-Phase Solution For How To Create Jobs For All (and how that would also solve the national debt crisis).” Or you can see this now in the second book listed below.

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