What can we learn from Paula Deen?  Well, a few things.  Namely, don’t trust the person who walks into a beauty parlor and asks for “the Ursula from The Little Mermaid.”

What else?  Paula Deen is likely a pretty ignorant person.  Hateful? Who knows.  But ignorant, without a doubt.

Most importantly, Paula Deen’s admission to the use of the N-word (in a seemingly derogatory way) was shocking to the American public.  It was shocking enough to warrant her losing her job.

Shocking: extremely startling, distressing, or offensive <shocking news>

So, for something to be shocking, it would inherently need to be abnormal or unique enough to warrant our attention and finally, our offense. This tells us that Paula Deen’s behavior is very abnormal among the American public. Enough so to result in public outrage.

Racism, despite what leftists try and tell you, is very atypical of Americans in 2013. Americans generally don’t like it, and they don’t tolerate it. Leftists have tried to say for years, that at least half of America is racist, simply because they don’t support Barack Obama. If racism were the norm among that many Americans, the Paula Deen story wouldn’t be news.

Water’s wet, coffee’s hot, Keith Olbermann’s out of work… who cares? These are everyday truths that we hold to be self-evident. That’s why they aren’t “news.” A public figure admitting to shouting the N-word is. Why? Because it’s racist.  Voting for someone not named Barack Obama, isn’t. See the difference?

Funnily enough, in the wake of the incident, leftists are already laying the groundwork for their continued vested interest in perpetuating racism (as you can see from following me on twitter), by claiming that Deen’s brand of “conscious” racism is rare, but only because most Americans are “unconsciously racist.”

Ah, the “unconscious” kind of racism.  Difficult to find and impossible to prove.  Sounds like the perfect leftist argument.