Recent events with the LA Clippers owner and his comments might have you saying who cares, but you should care. What the National Basketball Association (NBA) is doing to Mr. Donald Sterling should scare people as the actions they are taking against him are based on private conversations in his home that he apparently did not know were being recorded. It does not matter how ignorant or racist or ugly anyone thinks his comments are the fact remains that they were made in the privacy of his home. His free speech should be protected. No doubt that there is no one alive that has not ever made a statement in their home while either angry, venting, a progressive, or just an ignorant individual(another name for progressive). The fact remains that what is said within the privacy of your home is private. Even public speech is protected and if you don’t like it don’t listen, don’t buy or don’t support those whose speech you don’t care for.

The Left always wants to remind us that what happens in the bedroom in the privacy of your home is no one’s business. They like to say that what a woman does with her body is no one’s business. Basically if you are on their team whatever you do is your business and no one else’s.  If you are Bill Clinton what is done in the privacy of the oval office is his business. If you are Al Sharpton you can say things that are as equally ignorant as Mr. Sterling’s comments in public, on TV, or at a rally and get paid for them. You can say them about Conservatives, Jews or Whites and no one on the left or in the media is offended. If you are Jessie Jackson you can say ignorant things about Hispanics or Whites and no one on the left or in the media is offended. Harry Reid can make ignorant comments about the elderly or can call American citizens that disagree with him terrorists, and Nancy Pelosi can call people who disagree with her or her policies Nazis and it all goes under the radar. John Kerry can infer that Israel is an Apartheid state and it is OK, and Obama can call anyone who disagrees with him or his policies a racist and no one on the left or the media seems to care. If anything the media takes advantage of these ill placed comments and fans the flames of racial strife associated with them. The same people who are so upset by what they call “hate speech” sure manage to look the other way when it is said by someone they like. I don’t know Mr. Sterling or anything about him, he could be the biggest butt hole to ever walk the earth but the fact remains he has the right to his opinion, right or wrong, ignorant or not. Free speech is what I and many soldiers have been willing to risk our lives for. During the first Gulf War when protestors were outside our base I was proud because their right to dissent proved our system was working. I did not have to agree with them, and I had no right to harm them because their speech was and still is protected.

It is a slippery slope when we start taking jobs, and penalizing people for what they say in the privacy of their homes or elsewhere. We used to say “sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me.” What has happened to the toughness our society once had? It seems we are so offended so often anymore. The NFL made headlines when they stated their new policy on the N word, while people who want to use the word were upset. Duke University was recently in the news for their campaign to ban certain words and types of speech, or make people think twice before they speak. I agree that thinking twice is a good policy before speaking but to tell people what they can’t say is not right and will not work unless individuals have a change of heart. Individuals have to want to clean up their speech, but we are doing nothing to encourage that morally. Just like the Democrats campaign during the Clinton administration to end the “politics of personal destruction” and negative speech. The campaign was interesting since the Democrats were usually and still are, the ones using the most hateful, hurtful and inflammatory speech.  Sadly there will always be a long list of those who are ignorant and use ignorant speech, and more often than not they are on the left, but they have the right to free speech.

I’m not a Bill Maher fan but even he has the right to say ignorant things. Bill Maher makes his comments about Christians, Conservatives, women and minorities and no one on the left or in the media seems to care because he is a comedian. I do agree with him when he says that the “political correctness Nazis need to stop being so easily offended.” Face it you can find something to be offended about everyday if you want to. Bill also has the best explanation as to why Democrats, Progressives and all others use harsh language. Regarding Mr. Sterling he called for people to “Calm down, because being an a**hole is still legal in America.” When I saw his statement I understood clearly why Democrats and Progressives that call for language controls feel ok using the language they want to ban. It is because until people’s hearts change what they and the other ignorant people are is still legal in America, so live with it. If we don’t stop political correctness from banning free speech, we will all have to become comedians or Democrats if we want to speak our mind.