Limited Government, free enterprise, a strong national defense, traditional values. Okay, why could not conservatives articulate these few simple principles to America’s voters? Well, one reason is that after over fifty years of liberal indoctrination in our schools, those values were never taught to our current crop of new voters or their parents. Also included is the nearly unopposed importation of more democrat voters from abroad regardless of laws to the contrary. What makes it work? Our side hasn’t defended any of the principles we supposedly hold/held dear. Our side would rather ‘go along to get along’. Boy, what sap’s we turned out to be. They (moderates) fumbled away America and we let them. Sad, very sad.


So, what’s the plan now? Since the November elections, pundits talk like the loss was merely a routine event passed off with such nonsense as: “win a few, lose a few!”  What these conservative political thinkers fail to realize, is that the Communists won the last election. There won’t be any more ‘win a few, lose a few’ in the future. Campaigns from here on out will not be in the spirit of fair play; they will be struggles to the death and the political weaklings will capitulate. We already hear it now from some GOP politicians who say they will abandon their no tax pledges to voters in order to save the government, even without any concessions from the Liberals. Well, the government doesn’t need to be saved, America does. These people have spent decades planning this and they are not going to let go short of full out civil war.


Obama is already preparing for it. Are we? No, we are not!  We continue to speak in terms of the next election, finding capable conservative candidates, appealing to minorities, addressing women’s issues, and the problems of the inclusion of the homosexual community in our daily lives. So, what’s the plan now? Besides I would like to know what next capable conservative candidate, like Mitt Romney was, will want to step forward and allow the liberal media to destroy his/her life, question their pro-American intentions and slam their values, ad nauseum?


I should like to recommend some reading material for conservative planners: Das Kapitol by Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto, Theories of Surplus Value by Karl Kautsky, Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky and of course the Cloward-Piven plan, Obama’s blue print of totalitarianism. You might also include: Dreams of my Father and The Audacity of Hope. What has been planned for America and American’s, has all been laid out for us in these few books. Some have indeed read them and understood their implication and when they raised the red danger flags, they were dismissed as dangerous simpletons by the “useful idiot’s” (Stalin’s term) in the halls of academe, politics and indeed, even the pulpit.


The “Shining City on the Hill” that Ronald Reagan so beautifully described in his hope raising speech, is near collapse. The hill upon which the shining city rested has been hollowed out by liberalism. There is no longer a solid foundation upon which to rebuild the the mythical city because our spineless “moderate” Republican’s, intent on saving their careers, have helped with the excavation by failing to stand for the conservative principles that were the strength of America. Moderates are people who are possessed of no principles they are not willing to bargain away through compromise. “Go along to get along”, that is the moderates slogan and the coming death knell of America.


So, what’s the plan? Uncertainty is feeding the collapse of industry. Excessive taxation is undermining the   development of small business. Money is flowing from the stocks and bonds market into metals and dirt. Bankers are still trying to convince home seekers its okay to invest in a home when just the reverse is true. Obama has offered home mortgage relief for new buyers but with unseen strings attached that will add them new to the list of failed mortgage holders. Our illiterate voter base, made so by Liberalism,  have no clue to what’s coming. At lunch today, my companion asked five employees “who was our newly elected Congressman?” The answer was Doug Collins, yet each one of them did not know him or had even heard of him yet they all voted. One even said she didn’t know because her TV was on cartoons 24 hours a day. What the Republican party hasn’t realized, and the Liberals have known for years, is that those people are really out here and they vote. So, what’s the plan? I fear we don’t have one. (27 Nov 2012)