A shopping holiday, I’d guess.  Or a good way to get rid of
excess green pine trees…or strings of lights – of all colors.
Well, maybe something a little different – a birthday?  Hmmmm,
who would have thought of that?  Wow!  A birthday celebrated in
all the world, no less.  Must be something important
here…better look into this strange phenomenon.  Must be an
American; well, no.  Maybe an Englishman?  Nope.  Some say it
goes further back than that.  Anyway, someone named Christmas
sounds pretty strange.  Ah, a Latino!  Of course.  Hmmmm, wrong
again.  Okay where do we go from here?

Let’s ask the bell-ringer at the front of the large department
store.  He seems to be dressed a little funny, anyway.  He said
he’s collecting money to feed poor people.  That sounds ok… but
it doesn’t answer the question about all the other people who
don’t have a bucket and a bell.  Ah, there’s a group of young
people singing songs to the crowd of shoppers.  Something about
“Joyful, Joyful,” and they seem happy.  Well, I think we’re on
the right track now; a birthday should be joyful.  All of the
activity; bright lights; singing; colorfully wrapped
packages…they said it’s Jesus’ birthday.  Ok, who’s Jesus?

Someone said he died a long time ago.  Another said, “No, he’s
alive now.”  This is getting a little complicated.  One said I
should look in the Bible for more information.  They said I could
find one in a book store…or even in a church.  Ok, let’s go see
that thing that has come to pass.

Ok, the Bible (Holy Scriptures) says that “in the beginning, God
created the heavens and the earth.”  And then it goes on to say
that even though He also created people, they rebelled (sound
familiar?) and so, being just, God condemned what He had made.
But also being just, He promised to send His Son, Jesus, “Yeshua”
to die, pay the extreme penalty, for their sins (all of them) so
that all the people (that’s you and me, mate) could be forgiven.
Wow!  God has Character!

So, when we the people became so immersed in our sins, Jesus was
born (in Bethlehem of Judea) a couple thousand years ago.  The
Bible even told about that several hundred years before it
happened; how about that?  Look it up: it’s in the Old Testament
part of the Bible: Isaiah 9 and 53 and Micah 5:2.  And if you
want the real scary part of this, check out the Malachi part away
back there; that even tells you about “us” today.  Well, anyway,
after Jesus was born and preached redemption for our sins, He was
killed, crucified by being nailed to a huge, ugly cross.  But
after He was buried, He rose up from His grave and was alive
again.  After appearing before hundreds of people, He ascended
into Heaven, (rose up right before their eyes) where He lives
today.  Because God is a just God, His Son, who is also God in
the second person, (the Holy Spirit being the third person in the
Godhead) had to die to pay for all our sins: hate, greed, murder,
theft, immorality, adultery…you see; all of them.  Now comes
the hard part: Romans 10:8-10.  It’s in the Book.  Oh, before
Jesus died, He told the people to quit sinning!  That means us.

So, when Jesus was born, He came to redeem us (save us from all
our bad stuff).  That’s great news, right?  Well, that’s what
Christmas is all about:  Jesus’ birthday.  Go, tell it on the