The Democrat Party is considering adding the advocacy of gay marriage to their party platform at the upcoming Democratic National Convention.  This will anger some on the right, and will galvanize some on the left into action to support the President – but for me it leads to introspection.  I have long been an advocate for conservative causes and even on the days when I feel the party is leaving me by pursuing once progressive agendas, I support the Republican Party because, “Hey – they aren’t as bad as the other guys”.

Perhaps it’s time for the Republican Party to commit to some bold new planks in our party platform?  I for one believe it is high time the Republican Party draws up a documents that details exactly who we are and what we are willing to fight for.  We should push the envelope and force the Democrat Party to show their true colors, to show just how out of step they are with the majority of the American public.

I would love to know what you the voter would want to add to our new Party platform.  I for one would demand three specific measures; one, we must be the party of life.  Abortion must be outlawed because as science has proven babies still in their mother’s wombs are living, feeling people.  Their lives deserve to be as protected as mine or yours or any other adult.  However, we must change tactics because our current plan of attack has not been working.  We have tried, and failed, in the courts over the last 35 years.  It’s time we take our fight to the states, we must demand our local and state legislators take up the cry and outlaw abortion at the state level.  One-by-one we can destroy abortion practices – beginning with our most conservative states and moving into the more progressive ones as we show those states what life without abortion can be like.

Secondly, I would like to see our platform seek to totally revamp the tax code in our nation.  We should push to repeal the 16th Amendment; the income tax is a completely unnecessary burden on the American citizen.  We should destroy the current tax code and replace it with a consumption tax.  Any system we can devise outside of a consumption tax would be inherently unfair to someone, somewhere.  However, a consumption tax ensures that only those who choose to engage in commerce will have to pay taxes.  The rich will continue to pay the major bulk of taxes collected, and the poor will continue to be relatively unburdened by taxes.  The real change will come in the middle class; families who are facing difficult times can choose to tighten their amount consumed and thereby shrink their tax burden.  Some Republicans have been flirting with the Fair Tax for years, and it’s high time the party makes a commitment to this Libertarian founded plan and really shakes up what has become a sieve-like tax code.  Did I mention this plan also eliminates any need for the IRS, talk about your win-win!

Third (and last), we talk about being the party of freedom with some regularity.  Why don’t we codify this, and decide amongst ourselves that as part of our new Republican manifesto we will allow adult American citizens to do as they will, as long as their actions do not infringe on the rights of others.  Government would have no role in marriage, minimal influence on business, medicine, and education.  This means we will massively shrink the size and scope of the federal (and state) government, and that the power of responsibility will be returned to the people.  Let the people vote on the major issues of the day, and the legislators be reduced to only minimal business during shortened legislative sessions.

This is just part of my wish list for a revamped party platform; I would love to hear some of your ideas for new or reworked planks for a new platform!