Apparently we have a new definition of the term terrorism in America. According to our own government’s definition found in in the Code of Federal Regulations (28 CFR Section 0.85), terrorism is “…the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.” This is the United States government’s official definition of terrorism. It follows, then, that a terrorist is any person who engages in terrorism. The definition does not require that the persons perpetrating the acts of violence be foreigners. American citizens who for whatever reason hate America are just as capable of using force and violence to intimidate and coerce as anyone else. Therefore, it follows logically that an American citizen can be labeled a terrorist and treated as one.

However, according to Barack Obama, American citizens who engage in terrorist acts cannot be charged as terrorists—especially if they happen to be Muslims. President Obama has not rewritten the definition of terrorism in the Code of Federal Regulations. In fact, he probably hasn’t even read it. But he has changed the definition. This president’s attitude toward terrorists reminds me of the old underwear commercial where the stern-faced quality inspector for Fruit of the Loom would hold up a pair of underwear, look grimly into the camera, and say (paraphrased): The label does not say Fruit of the Loom until I say it’s says Fruit of the Loom. With this president a terrorist is not a terrorist until he says so.

One can only wonder what definition President Obama uses to decide if someone is a terrorist. For example, two Muslim radicals who happen to be naturalized U.S. citizens are influenced by a hate-filled, anti-American fanatic. In response they hatch a plot to use homemade bombs to kill as many innocent American citizens as possible, murder a police officer, and threaten death to all Americans. By their definition, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother are successful. Three people are killed—one a little boy—and 282 are wounded in a bloody massacre that sees many previously strong and healthy athletes lose limbs. But according to Barack Obama, these two Muslim fanatics are not terrorists. Plotting to blow up the Boston Marathon and then successfully carrying out that plot is apparently just another everyday crime in President Obama’s book—something akin to a drug deal that went bad.

The politically-correct equivocating began the moment the president stepped to the microphone to make his first statement following the tragedy in Boston. He just could not bring himself to utter the “T” word, in spite of the fact that functionaries in his administration were already doing so. In fact, shortly after the president’s initial statement, “unnamed” members of his administration were making statements of their own to an exasperated press corps clarifying what the president really meant to say. What these White House functionaries claimed the president actually meant to say was of course the Marathon Bombing was a terrorist act. For one brief but fleeting moment I thought, “Maybe Barack Obama has finally grown a backbone and is going to get this one right.” I should have known better. After all, this is the same president who called the brutal slaying of 13 people on an Army base in November 2009 a case of workplace violence.

Recall that the politically-motivated slaughter of military personnel by Army psychologist Nidal Malik Husan was deemed workplace violence by the Obama administration, in spite of the fact that Army authorities knew about Husan’s violent anti-American rhetoric. They were also aware of his ties to radical Muslim imams, but were afraid to take any action for fear of being accused of engaging in racial profiling. In other words, the Army brass did not want to offend the president or so-called moderate Muslims by appearing to be politically incorrect. On the subject of moderate Muslims, if they are so moderate and peace loving where is their outrage at these on-going attacks against innocent American citizens. President George W. Bush had it precisely right following the 911 tragedy when he told the world: When it comes to terrorism, you are either with us or against us. In other words, there is no middle ground in which so-called moderates can hide.

Here is some straight talk for Barack Obama. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a terrorist. His being a naturalized citizen does not change this fact. If you are squeamish about calling an American citizen who commits a terrorist act against America a terrorist, revoke his citizenship. After all he gave up his right to be an American citizen the moment he decided to carry out a Jihad against the United States. Further, as you continue to press for immigration reform maybe you should consider reforms that require more care when deciding who is allowed to become a citizen.