My wife Susan and I spent four days in Las Vegas last week. Our stay included Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th. This was the day the earth stood still and President Obama was re-elected. Millions of conservatives were shocked and disillusioned. Some were mad and some depressed as they wondered what went wrong this time.

When I awoke Wednesday morning in our hotel room Susan was very upset about Obama’s win and was crying. This is not like her. She is not a crier. I’m sure there were countless others too, including me, who shared her pain. She, however, was not upset so much because Obama was re-elected, but rather because she couldn’t understand why God allowed this to happen.

Susan had faithfully prayed for years that God would not allow Obama to be re-elected.  But, He did and he was. These prayers for removal from office were mainly because Obama represents beliefs and policies that are considered by Christians to be ungodly, harmful to people, and bad for the country. The two biggies are abortion and homosexuality.

Our children and grandchildren’s future was on the auction block on Election Day and they lost. America lost too, but few understand the consequences at this point. They will though, and very soon.

I believe that within one short year everyone will feel the impact of liberalism and specifically Obama’s policies. In the shorter run, I believe the unemployment rate will start to move up again by the end of December. The trend has already begun. Some companies began letting people go the day after Obama was re-elected. They saw the writing on the wall.

On my flight back home from Vegas I sat next to a man who was a liberal. When I mentioned a newspaper article to him that reported that some employers were already letting people go he said, “They are selfish. They should be hiring people. You’ll see, it’s going to start getting better now” I decided not to ask him how he does the math or engage him on the issues. It was a long four-hour flight home and I was trapped beside him.

So again, why were my wife’s prayers not answered? I don’t know for sure. It is very difficult to spiritually interpret these types of things because God’s ways are not our ways. We all know that He doesn’t always answer our prayers in the way that we want. I, for one, can testify that I am exceedingly glad that He hasn’t answered some of the prayers I prayed. Looking back, it would have been a disaster if He had. Thank you Lord!

Evangelical Christians hold to some strong assumptions about God and how He operates. One of these assumptions is that God judges and punishes evil and He delivers the righteous. Therefore it follows if President Obama promotes certain things that fall into the “evil” category such as the homosexual agenda and abortion on demand, God would take action. In the case of the election surely He would give Romney the win. But, He didn’t. What’s up with this?

The assumptions Evangelicals hold are correct, but the missing element is the timing. God doesn’t always immediately punish evil. We should be thankful for this. Probably, most of us have done a few evil things in our lives.

God let Hitler stay around for years as He did Stalin, Ho Chi Min, and others. Castro is still here. In all this though God gets His will done. In the long run, in the big picture, it turns out as God wants it to, for His Glory and our good. I know, it doesn’t always make sense, but it is true.

Christians also believe that God is in control, so again, why did He allow Obama to stay in office? I think there are several things to consider as we search for an answer.

First, as I mentioned in last week’s article, we deserve President Obama. I think his win is a form of God’s judgment on us. And, we truly deserve judgment. Obama isn’t really the bad guy. The truth is, we are. With our votes we decided that we want him in the White House for another four years. We, with our votes, put him there and we voted to keep him there.

We may not agree with evil but we seem to be passive about fighting it. By our actions or lack of actions, we appear to agree with evil and therefore solicit God’s judgment. This alone could explain Obama’s re-election.  It appears that evil deeds just don’t bother most people today.

We should also factor in our thinking this quote by Robert E. Lee. One of my friends, Jennie Jones, put this on her Facebook the other day and it stuck with me:

“The truth is this: The march of Providence is so slow and our desires so impatient; the work of progress so immense and our means of aiding it so feeble; the life of humanity is so long, that of the individual so brief, that we often see only the ebb of the advancing wave and are thus discouraged. It is history that teaches us to hope.”

Another friend of mine speculated that God knew if Romney won it would give great exposure and popularity to Mormonism and lead people away from the true Christ.  Mainline Christianity still believes that Mormonism is a cult so this makes sense. Romney’s faith may have hurt him just enough to lose the election. I know it damaged him some in the South, the Bible Belt.

My personal belief is that God gave us what we wanted and deserved. I think He will now allow us, our nation, to walk off the plank into further moral decay and financial chaos.

For some irrational reason, we seem to think that we can spend a trillion dollars more each year than we bring in and just keep on keeping on. Do the math. It does not add up. Don’t take my word for it. Try it at home with your budget. Oh, there is a hitch though. You can’t print your own money. Oh darn!

Americans, by and large do not understand what will hit them in less than two months from now. There are all kinds of new taxes in Obamacare. If the Bush cuts expire almost everyone who pays taxes will pay more, rich or not. Then there is inflation that is sure to come, another stealth tax. These all add up to further job losses and stagnate home sales that are imperative for a prosperous economy.

We may never know exactly why God allowed Obama to remain in office. He could have removed him if He wanted to. He can still remove him tomorrow. God doesn’t need an election to accomplish His will. We don’t know what will happen from here on out. We do know according to God’s promises that if our nation would return to God and repent, He would once again shed His Grace on us. He would heal our land and this is what I want and I’m sure is what you want.

I’ll leave you with a famous saying of mine. Meditate on it:

When man tries to solve man’s problems man’s way instead of God’s way, he ends up creating the very problem he is trying to solve.