Since before the Obama administration, it has been crystal clear that the Democratic Party is nearly broken beyond repair. However, two serious incidents of the past week have proven that the Republican Party is itself at a tipping point. I will go a step further, the small Conservative wing of the Republican Party, Patriots such as those that visit this site, and the Tea Party, are all that is keeping the Republic from collapse.

The first incident involves Michelle Bachmann and her letter to Hillary Clinton which raised legitimate questions about Clinton’s choice for her Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin. Abedin not only had the poor judgment to marry the perverse exhibitionist and now defrocked Senator Anthony Weiner; she also has relatives closely aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Abedin, according to the letter, “has three family members – her late father, her mother, and her brother – connected to Muslim Brotherhood operations and/or organizations.”  Bachmann along with Texas Representative Louise Gohmert and four other Congressmen, sent the letter in private to the State Department.  Bachmann’s role on the House Intelligence Committee gives her every right to raise an issue about a person with these ties holding such a post. The letter didn’t remain private. The Obama administration leak machine, quickly leaked the letter to the media.

In my opinion this was a ludicrous appointment by the under qualified Clinton and reflected overwhelming tone deafness to the threat the world faces from radical Islam. However, the Bachman letter did not go that far. It made no accusations against Abedin and instead raised valid questions about the thoroughness of her background checks etcetera.

Still, this did not stop John McCain from taking to the floor of the Senate and scolding Bachmann as though she were nothing more than an errant junior member of his staff. It also did not slow Speaker of the House John Boehner down from calling Bachman’s comments, “dangerous”.  Boehner said he did not know Abedin well, but that “from everything that I know of her she has a sterling character.” I think accusations like this being thrown around are pretty dangerous,” he said. Never mind that Bachman didn’t throw out any “accusations”. She asked a question. Boehner is even now considering ousting Mrs. Bachman from her seat on the Intelligence Committee. This appears to be his intention even though she is apparently one of the few that is actually concerned with national security.

The second eye opening incident involves Rep. Don Young  (R-Alaska) and Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla) both endorsing DEMOCRAT candidates over Republicans.  Young is endorsing Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) in her Senate bid, a seat which is very much in play for Republicans. And Coburn supports Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin’s re-election. Coburn went so far as to donate to Manchin’s campaign!

In both instances, the turncoat republicans cited the penchant for their Democratic chums to “reach across the aisle” or “work in a bi-partisan manner”.  This is codespeak for “My Democrat golf buddy only makes me do things that are bad for the country not catastrophic for the country. And in return he/she promises to go at least 24 hours without saying I want dirty air and water or that I want to push the elderly off a cliff.” Bi-partisanship in the modern era NEVER means that ANY Democrat ever comprimises one inch on what they want, never…ever. This is the very type of weak kneed Republican “leadership” that gave us the highway bill, massive wind farm subsidies, and TARP.

This party betrayal by McCain, a supposed national defense “hawk” and the turn by Coburn, who I previously had great respect for make one fact Crystal clear. There are many in the Republican Party who would rather have social liberalism, increased taxes and decreased job growth, and a weakened national defense, than to give any conservative anywhere a foot in the door.

The most frustrating aspect of this is that these mealy mouthed RINO’s think that they are in the mainstream. They would blithely ignore the wishes of the majority of the nation and the principles of the constitution in order to avoid stepping one inch out of their left of center comfort zone. This mindset cannot be reasoned with. Instead it must be defeated, one “moderate” seat at a time.

Chris Skates is the author of the novel, Going Green: For Some It Has Nothing To Do With The Environment. He has been published in dozens of national magazines and has authored multiple technical articles in his field of Chemistry. You can follow his blog at