It seems that every mass shooting has taken place by a democrat who was a liberal who was on medications for a psychosis. Well no one will look at the democrat or liberal aspect so everyone is pointing blame at the mentally ill. How fair is this?
Who decides who has a mental illness? In the first DSM (a manual telling what symptoms go with which mental illnesses) the condition of homosexuality was listed as a mental illness. I am sure that a lot of liberals would be upset with that as criteria for a mental illness today.

In the current DSM-IV there are a total of 405 separate diagnosis codes for mental illnesses listed. They range from depression to PTSD to narcissism and back again. Included are alcoholism, sleep disturbances, and male erectile dysfunction and many more isms as mental illnesses. Each diagnosis is subject to the clinicians view. In other words there is wiggle room for human error in labeling an individual. In today’s professional field of psychiatry it is customary to list a diagnosis on a patient’s chart which will benefit the patient with the greatest resource of Medicaid funding or insurance coverage or state grants for care. These pseudo diagnoses are simply so that the caring facility will be reimbursed for the work they do. It is not honest nor is it right, still in many instances it is the only way an individual can receive necessary care thanks to our bureaucrats in government.

Today we have an outcry from almost the whole country to ban guns from coming into the hands of the mentally ill. Who will determine who the mentally ill are? Are the mentally ill our veterans as some democrat politicians are suggesting? Many veterans are labeled with PTSD which in itself has a wide spectrum of severity from very mild all the way to the extreme of the dissociative disorders… so do we take away the 2nd amendment rights of all our vets or from just the ones on the extreme side of the spectrum of PTSD? Who decides this? What about the millions of people who have been given a happy pill for depression? Every household has a relative who has been on an anti-depressant some time or other. Some doctors give out medicines like Zoloft as if it were candy.

There are some mental illnesses that can be resolved. For instance postpartum depression is a temporary state following child birth in some women. Do we take away the 2nd amendment rights of all child bearing women because they may become depressed for a short time after giving birth? What about all the people being labeled with ADD or ADHD? Are they not a form of mental illness? Millions of children are being thus diagnosed in our schools and are being given medications like Ritalin. As they grow up with this label will they have no 2nd amendment rights?

On the 5th of March of this year of 2013 in California the California Department of Justice went collecting guns registered to individuals who had spent time in a mental hospital. They had no search warrant and they could not force their way into homes. However when four armed police officers come to your door and ask if they can come in most people will feel they have little choice but to open up their door and let them in. Then when they ask for your guns because your wife had postpartum depression or your son has ADHD will you be like most individuals who will feel they don’t have any choice but to comply? This is what happened this month on the 5th in California to Lynette and David Phillips. She had one gun registered to her and he had two guns registered to him. Lynette had been in a mental hospital for two days for observation and does not even have a solid mental illness diagnosis. David does not have a mental illness at all, yet they took his 2nd amendment right away along with hers. They are both law abiding citizens who have been stripped of their freedom and right to bear arms. They were not alone. The officers had a long list of individuals who have lost their right to bear arms according to the Attorney General Kamala Harris there are close to 20,000 registered gun owners in California who no longer have a 2nd amendment right. I can understand the names of the people who have committed a crime with a gun being on that list, but those who have had a restraining order because of a divorce case gone ugly or those who have been given a label by some mental social worker should not be on that list without a proper hearing.

You can read more about the Phillips’ family loss of freedom at this site:

What could have the Phillips family done to keep their guns? The government of California is breaking the law by confiscating the fire arms from a legal owner, David Phillips. The officers had no search warrant and could not force their way into the Phillips home. So each of us must learn from this story… if four armed officers come to your door and ask if they can come in, you step outside to talk to them. You do not let them inside your house. Then outside your house they tell you they have come for your wife’s registered gun because she is a mental case. You tell them that without a search warrant to enter your home they cannot have it. Then you peacefully go back into your home and you lock your door behind you. No weapons drawn, no fight taking place and no legal actions to be taken for at this time the Constitutional right to bear arms is still the law of our country. Until which time the laws of the land make a definite definition of which mental illness, and to what degree a mental illness is in severity and length, until that day comes all people with labels dealing with the mind still have a right to bear arms.

Who gives one man the right to tell another man he is insane. No two minds are the same. Some of the world’s greatest and most gifted people have had mental illnesses. Would anyone have told Einstein that he could not own a gun? Or Sir Winston Churchill, of course he was English and doesn’t count, but Abraham Lincoln does. Check out these sites for some famous people with mental problems who did not go on a mass killing spree.

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