I am not sure what is more revolting today… the socialists slaves who re-elected Obama last night or the bolting Conservatives today with the defeatist attitude screaming, America is dead.. it’s over”
What happened to that part of the phrase “Home of the Brave?”

So I ask you cowards who say today that “America is dead”.. “the war is lost”…. “time to run for the mountains”
What is your solution? .. duck and hide??.. run for the hills? REALLY???
Look at what our Founders were up against… Study your history..

Surely when they were cold, starved, out numbered and out armed, the future must have looked as bleak for them then as it does many of us now … but… DID THEY CALL IT QUITS AND YELL SURRENDER?? NOOOOO!

To all you defeatists out there: Take your gutless spirits and run for the hills..

We need courageous warriors on our side who will stand up and fight, even when the going gets tough.
We owe it to the generations before us, the soldiers who put their lives on the line fighting for liberty past and present, and we owe it to future generations.

So.. which are you? Socialist slave, Conservative Coward, or Determined Fighter?

Those of us out there on the front lines in the media war, putting it all on the line to get TRUTH to the American people in order to restore our Constitutional Republic, NEED DETERMINED FIGHTERS ON OUR SIDE COVERING OUR BACKS.. I don’t want to turn around in the midst of battle and discover that half the people on our side have given up and run for cover, trembling behind the rocks, wailing about the war is lost.
Geeze… I never expected so much defeat and cowardice from within the ranks..
It’s not over until it’s over. We are just beginning Round Two.. Are you with me??