With critical midterm elections less than four weeks away, the failure to scrutinize voter registrations and clean up voter rolls leaves our system vulnerable to voter fraud, and a Justice Department whistleblower says the Obama administration is actively trying to stop states from bringing records up to date and ensure only eligible voters are casting ballots.

But Adams stresses that a small number of fraudulent votes can make a big difference in key elections and is indirectly responsible for President Obama’s biggest legislative achievement.

“Al Franken (D-Minn.) is in the United States Senate because of voter fraud,” he explained. “He won that contest by 312 votes, but there were 1,099 illegal votes cast by felons. Every single felon who was contacted by the Minnesota media said that he voted for Al Franken.”

He noted, “So we have a senator in the U.S. Senate because of voter fraud, and guess what? That senator was the 60th vote for Obamacare. So we actually have Obamacare because of voter fraud,” he said.

Adams would also like to scrap Election Day registration. He believes it provides a massive opportunity for fraud and was a critical factor in Franken’s capturing of a Senate seat.

“That’s how Al Franken won the election, because all of these felons showed up to vote,” he said. “They registered to vote but they weren’t eligible to. So Election Day registration makes it hard to police the validity of who’s casting ballots.”

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