A recent report contended that the Benghazi cover-up was to hide the theft of 400 missiles.  This should raise a red flag, not from the position of questioning the validity or the significance of the theft.  However, this direction of focus, twists the perception away from the full truth.  It also provides the appearance of plausible deniability in the event of a missile attack by terrorist.  I say “appearance” because upon a closer look, it is very weak, but the administration is trusting that the majority won’t take a closer look.

There is a mental slight of hand required to skillfully use the art of deception.  The administration and their minions operating the propaganda machine are masters.  One technique is the selective promotion of one fact over many others.  You must always be wary whenever your attention is directed to a singularity, focus on the logical transitions, the paths of cause and effect, and follow the money.

Another common tool used in the art of deception, is selective word usage to tint the perception; an example would be like the word “consulate” in relationship to the location of Ambassador Stevens’s death.  This was not a “consulate” the use of this word naturally draws your thoughts away from the true reasons for Ambassador Stevens presence.  Question everything.

Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi overseeing an arm shipment that was going through Turkey to supply the Syrian rebels.

It has been indicated that we should consider with significance what was located near Ambassador Stevens’.  Namely the CIA annex, two Saudi owned warehouses and a freighter at anchor that had already made several trips between Libya and Turkey.  The registry of the freighter has been linked to the Muslim brotherhood.

We have multiple reports from high-ranking security officials that confer the cover-up was to hide the illegal arms shipments to the rebels in Syria by way of Turkey.  These in an effort to further destabilize Syria in our proxy war between Russia, Iran, on one side and U.S. and Saudi Arabia on the other.  They indicate that the cover-up was to hide that this administration, in effect is utilizing the CIA and the American military at Saudi Arabia’s bidding to further their desired geopolitical change in the Middle East.  For those of you that may not know, let’s go through some of the high points according to the multiple informants’ accounts.

The information that has surfaced through reports like the ones by; Roger L. Simon at P.J. Media and Doug Hagmann at Canadian Free Press, speak of an ongoing illegal weapons trades that can be directly linked back to Hilary Clinton and the State Department, covertly arming Ansar al-Sharia to overthrow Gaddafi.  This was after the CIA refused to do the same.  Reportedly, the CIA thought that Ansar al-Sharia was linked to al-Qaeda.  This of course proved to be the case.

After the overthrow of Gaddafi, the “MANPAD program” began, where the U.S. was “helping” Libya to recover and secure its weapon stockpiles.  You see there are these other missiles not directly supplied by the State Department.  The ones Gaddafi had stockpiled.  It was reported 30,000 but shortly the number was changed to 20,000.  It maybe worth noting that an informant also reported that the only weapons destroyed under this program, were done so for show and were non-operable and beyond hope of repair.  The functioning weapons where being routed to arm Syrian rebels.

It is important to observe that we have two different types of missiles, American Stinger and Russian Grinch.  Gaddafi’s stockpiled contained Grinch a.k.a. Igla-S, the man-portable infrared homing surface-to-air missile similar to the Stinger.  It is important that we keep in mind the origin of the manufacturing of these missiles this limits the possible chain of custody.  It is also important too note that these missiles are easily distinguishable by way of explosive residue testing after an attack.

Ambassador Stevens had a meeting with Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akin just before his death.  It has been reported that the attack on the location of Ambassador Stevens started shortly after the Turkish Consul General passed through the checkpoint on his departure.

Ansar al-Sharia claimed responsibility for the attack at 6:06 p.m. EST less than 3 hours after the attack.  Ansar al-Sharia is backed funded and directed by Iran.  This is the same group the CIA didn’t want to arm, to overthrow Gaddafi so Hilary did it through the State Department.

Sometime before the ill fated attack, allegedly, some Iranian spies posing as Iranian Red Crescent workers, where spying on the weapons shipments and had been taken off the street by the CIA and where being held prisoners.  The informant contends that the attack that killed Ambassador Stevens was not a terrorist attack but was a national-state attack, in a rescue attempt with a secondary objective of disrupting the arming of the Syrian rebels.

The latest revelation is that Obama’s flexible “red line” was not the result of indecision, or another reflection of his spineless nature.  No, the report is that the Russian’s have evidence that the CIA was training and equipping the Syrian rebels in Turkey and that this included training, equipping and testing chemical weapons.  Russia informed Obama that if he used the “crossing of the red line’ as a excuse to openly and directly intervene in Syria that Russia would release the proof showing that any chemical weapon used was by the rebels after being trained and equipped by the CIA.  (This of course would reveal a total violation of Constitutional Law and International Law by Obama even without the involvement of chemical weapons.)  Russia also demanded that the covert arming and training of the rebels stop.  Shortly after, the pressure to get congress to agree to arm the rebels began in earnest.

You see the horror that the administration perceives as results of the truth about Benghazi, is that it would take down the current president and the next intended president.  The possibility of revealing the true relationship between Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and the Muslim Brotherhood would not only expose the corruption in the executive branch, but the legislative branch as well.  The realization of the administrations culpability with a global agenda that in no way, can be perceived as in our nations best interest, would continue to reverberate globally for years to come.  This would naturally really upset some very powerful people.  I am sure that the current marching orders are that this revelation must be avoided at all cost.

Perhaps like any government cover-up the informants can only risk revealing themselves and testifying of the truth, when enough of the public are aware, eyes wide open and asking the right questions.  Perhaps it will take the additional attention and protection afforded by a Congressional appointed Special Prosecutor.  I have asked for one, have you?


The unforgiving reality is that by the time enough people realize what is going on, we will be farther down the path.  What will the logical advances in this agenda look like, what will that sunrise present?

How much has your perception of reality changed in recent years?

What only a few short years ago, we perceived as impossible, would come as no surprise today.

Think about past revelations of reality, they are not the results of some paragon shift in reality, but only the change in your perception of what had been occurring right under your nose.

Stay strong at heart, strong of will, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Oh, and remember never do it electronically, you already know who’s listening.