The White House recently released their annual salaries report to Congress. As is usually the case, they did so late on a Friday evening (4:39 p.m. to be exact).

The 2012 White House payroll for 468 employees amounts to $37.8 million.

There were over 100 various-titled assistant positions and two employees who are working for free: Sr. Policy Advisor David Kaden and Special Assistant Andrew Parker. I’m not sure why.

A few other interesting stats:

Lowest pay: $41,000 (for assistants, associates, analysts, researchers)

Highest pay: $172,200 (salary for 20 WH employees such as Valarie Jarrett and Christina Tchen, Chief of Staff to the First Lady)

Greatest gig: 2 Calligraphers with salaries of $85,953 and $96,725

Most made-up job: $140,000 for the Deputy Assistant for Energy and Climate Change

Most useless jobs: 2 Ethics Advisors with salaries of $140,259 and $136,134

13 “Information Services Operators” with salaries ranging from $42,000 to $68,230

People who need raises: Presidential Speechwriters with salaries ranging between $60,000 to $100,000

13-Records Management Analysts: It apparently takes a large staff to “manage” so many records in this White House… Salaries range from $42,000 to $73,917

10-Special Assistant and Associate Counsels to the President: 9 collect $130,500 annually and 1 with $114,000

5-Special Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel, each paid $113,000 per year. They must be very special indeed.

Bottom line, it’s a very good time to be employed by the Obama administration—not so great to live in America under his reign.

November just can’t get here fast enough.