Ten weeks after a request for documents, including notes and e-mails, related to the meetings between White House officials and special interest groups that set the stage for Obamacare’s passage, President Obama’s lawyer released a calendar of meetings between the interest groups and a top health care official in the months leading up to the law’s passage.

The 26-page calendar lists over one hundred meetings between Nancy-Ann DeParle and representatives of unions, business groups.

DeParle was the health care reform “czar” during the period Congress was considering enacting Obamacare. She has since been promoted to deputy chief of staff.

Rep. Fred Upton, Michigan Republican and chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, requested documents about the meetings to determine the extent to which the interest groups influenced the content of the president’s health care law.

This is part of a strategy to piece together a picture of what took place in the meetings before moving forward more forcefully – potentially including the use of a congressional subpoena – with the initial request to the White House for documents, insider say.

National Journal first reported details about DeParle’s calendar and Bauer’s letter. The story surprised Republicans, who had not leaked the documents to that news organization.

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