More selfishness, cut what is serving a lot of people for one that is only servicing a few.
Check it out:

On July 26, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) is due to open the long-delayed Silver Line, which extends metro train service from DC to Reston, Va. As a result of this new (and controversial) line, service on the Blue Line will be reduced from seven trains an hour to only five–one train every 12 minutes. Dissatisfied Blue Line riders, having dealt with numerous fare increases and service cuts, have launched a petition urging the White House to do something to prevent this service cut.

“Thousands of riders take the Blue Line to and from work every day, but Metro is cutting their service to have just one train every 12 minutes,” the petition reads. “This will cause a major inconvenience for the many people who rely on the Metro for their daily commute, while only providing minimal additional benefits to other riders in the system.

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