His popular song and YouTube video “Gangnam Style” has become a hit sensation. The “artist” known simply as “PSY” has the largest viewed video on YouTube, approaching 1 billion views. But now he’s apparently headed for the White House by invitation of Barack Obama. So what’s the problem? It appears that PSY has performed a song at least once in his native South Korea in which he rapped about torturing and killing U.S. troops and their families slowly.

It has recently been unearthed in the states, however, that eight years ago, long before achieving this massive stardom, the mega-star rapped about “slowly and painfully” killing American military members and their families.

Some context: since becoming a democracy in the late 80s, South Korea has developed a rich, sometimes over-the-top, tradition of protest. Swarms of Koreans hit the streets to protest everything from free trade agreements to North Korea to Muslim extremism to American troops stationed on their peninsula.

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