Go to any country in the world and you will find that minorities suffer to some degree at the hands of the majority.  Think of the Kurdish minority in Iraq or the Christian minorities in Muslim countries.  America on the other hand goes out of its way to ensure that minorities are not disadvantaged, even to the point of giving them preferential treatment.  There are serious questions about the long-term effectiveness and Constitutionality of providing any group with preferential treatment, a topic touched on later in this column. At this point I want to pose a question that Americans of all stripes are going to have to answer in the not too distant future:  What happens when historic roles are reversed and the traditional majority in America becomes the minority?  Will the former majority—now a minority—get preferential treatment?

Don’t laugh.  My question is not merely rhetorical.  The societal shift mentioned above is happening right now.  We are rapidly undergoing a major demographic restructuring in American society, a shift that will see African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and mixed-racial individuals—the traditional minorities in America—collectively outnumber whites, the traditional majority.  In fact, collectively they already outnumber white, middle-aged, heterosexual males (WMHMs), making men like me a minority group. Okay, in my case I am stretching things a bit on the middle-aged part of that statement, but you get the point.

Men like me make up more than just a new minority group.  My peers and I are part of a disadvantaged minority group.  In fact, at this point in America’s history it would be hard to find a more disadvantaged group than WMHMs. What are our disadvantages? There are many.  We are disadvantaged by being white at a time when preferential treatment in college admissions, hiring, and assistance in new business start-ups goes to African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and women.  We are disadvantaged by being middle-aged in a society that worships youth.  We are disadvantaged by being straight at a time when it is cool to be gay.  We are disadvantaged by being male at a time when the entertainment industry and Hollywood portray middle-aged, white, heterosexual males as either unethical tyrants or dimwitted twits.  I could go on but you get the picture.  Unfortunately for us—the WMHMs of society—nobody cares about our disadvantages.  Unlike other minority groups that enjoy a litany of legal protections provided by the federal government as well as effective avenues for redress of their grievances, nobody is looking out for WMHMs.

I have argued forcefully and long against coercive preferential treatment programs sponsored by the federal government.  My view is that all decisions in college admissions, hiring, and other areas should be based on merit.  Unlike liberals, I have confidence in the ability, ambition, and drive of minorities.  I believe that if the crutch of preferential treatment were removed, minorities would quickly adjust and do what is necessary to earn what coercive government programs in America attempt to give them. This premise is easily tested and verified.  Simply examine the lives of successful minorities in America—African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and women—and you will find that they made their fortunes and built their lives the old fashioned way: by working hard, smart, and long.  Successful minorities in America as a rule did not and do not look to the federal government for assistance.  They understand what successful people of any race and gender understand: that success is a do-it-yourself project not a government entitlement.

But liberals refuse to study the lives of successful minorities.  Not only that, they actually reject successful minorities labeling them traitors to the cause, racists, Uncle Toms, and other demeaning and pejorative terms.  In the eyes of a liberal, the worst thing a minority can do is succeed without the assistance of leftwing government entitlements and preferential treatment programs.  But shifting demographics may have presented us with an opportunity to set things right in America.  Now that WMHMs are an identifiable minority group and since liberals love nothing better than using taxpayer dollars to help minority groups, I have a suggestion.  Liberals are not likely to give up on social engineering—their desire to reshape the world in their own image is just too deeply engrained.  They are simply too addicted to providing preferential treatment programs for minorities.

To wean liberals gradually, I suggest that Congress adopt the following course of action: 1) Eliminate all government coerced preferences in college admissions, hiring, and new business start-ups that are based on race or gender but institute a new type of preferential treatment program—sort of bridge between the old and the new to mitigate the pain of loss liberals will feel, and 2) Use WMHMs as a test group for instituting the new preferential treatment program.  This new program would favor WMHMs who are college and professional sports wannabes.  It would work like this.  The NBA would be required to have a specified number of players on each team who are WMHMs and who are short, slow, and untalented.  The NFL would be required to suit up a certain number per team of WMHMs who are small and afraid of physical contact.  Major League baseball would be required to reserve a certain number of positions per team for WMHMs who cannot hit, throw, or catch the ball.

Such as program would have several benefits: 1) It would finally end the discriminatory practice of basing college admissions, hiring, and other endeavors on race and gender; 2) It would satisfy the need of liberals to provide preferential treatment to a minority group; and 3) It would give untalented WMHMs a chance to get off the couch and play the game of their dreams instead of being a frustrated spectator.  Now this is a government program I could get behind.  Put me in coach.  I am ready!